Aida Zabidi

I used to live by the motto - never regret. Each choice I've made was one with full consciousness, and I told myself that I would be fully prepared to embrace the consequences that come with the weight of these actions.

Now I'm older though, and the luxury of time and age is something that seems to hang heavily over my shoulders - there are decisions I've looked back and wondered what went through my mind when I did make them.

I do wonder, why only now am I starting to feel these twinges of regret?

Is it age? Is it the maturity that comes with experience?  

They made me who I am today, for sure, but they were difficult and painful decisions that I wish my past self didn't have to make.

I probably have to reach deep inside myself and find the insecurities, to take the time to learn to love myself again. I don't know where along this road where I began to doubt, but as with many things, it is the small subtle changes that sometimes creep up and cause the change in perception. 

Some positive thoughts needed, stat!
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