Aida Zabidi
When the two argue, the whole world crumbles down around them, and yet they continue, like two impassioned idiots fighting for a prize that does not exist.

The cracks form, and are never patched up again, and the world moves on without them, caught as they are in this vicious cycle of anger and uncertainty.

It is the fate that they are caught in, and the cracks just continue to grow larger and larger, and perhaps one day the world will split asunder and the two will fall between those cracks, screaming their anger as they fall towards the centre of the world that once was.

And then there was peace once more.
4 Responses
  1. Reminds me of two former clients of mine. They were petitioning for divorce. It was not pretty.

    Of course, you put it infinitely more succinctly than I did.

  2. Lynx Says:

    No one's winning in a war...sadly idiots don't see it until everything has consumed them.

  3. why fight a losing battle ? the best revenge is to be happy ! he or she is not worth your anger or time...

    most often than not ,we are told to be closer to our enemy because of paranoid and hypocrisy...

    life passes us by if we stop living .shit happens all the time and we have to shove it aside, and carry on living like it or not.....

    colour yourself a rainbow daily aida so that you could share it with those who needed it most ! other will do the same for you ....

  4. NJB Says:

    that peace at the end seems more like emptiness. one would have to choose whether that is better than crumbling earth.

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