Aida Zabidi
It is in the nature of humans to forget.

That is the twin blessing and curse of humanity.

As people, we always need reminders, especially of things that are important, because it is too easy to take things for granted, all too easy to fall into that rut of assuming that things are the way they are, and forget how truly important certain basic things are.

I have been lucky to be reminded many times in my life, by individuals who have reminded me again and again about things that I've forgotten - from basic values and principles, to the nature of love, to the more deep-seated importance of religion.

I had a wonderful conversation with a random passerby at a tram stop last night as I sat waiting for a tram.

We talked about faith, and our different faiths - he wanted to share with me the wonders of Christianity and I listened, because I have always found it interesting to share another's faith. It is calming to speak to someone who is strong in their faith - regardless of which religion they belong, and I always find reassurance when discussing religion that I am secure in my own faith, secure in the knowledge that I want to be Muslim and that I really do believe in Islam.

I appreciate these reminders, because I am only human and I tend to forget.

I understand that it is in my nature, but I pray that I will be constantly reminded that I am Muslim by choice, and that I have chosen this path to serve God, and that I should endeavour to better myself in the process.

We are humans, and we always needs reminders, lest we forget the things that are most important to us.

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  1. amal Says:

    it's the only thing u have, especially when u just feel so hopeless & helpless...

    missing ya':)

  2. z Says:

    it's certainly interesting, hearing about issues like this.

    i'm glad to see i'm a muslim by choice too. :)

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