Aida Zabidi

There are so many new things in my life.
So much of the unknown.
For the first time I'll be making those baby steps, just me, for myself, with the support of those closest to me, closest to my heart.
For so long I've held back, held back by the fears of my own insecurities and the fears of the unknown. For so long I've cruised in my own little bubble, wrapped in my own ideals.
It is so easy to let people in, but not as easy to reveal myself for who I am, not as easy to share myself to the world.
This will be a year of self-discovery and hopefully of change - for the better.
Thank you for the inspiration, for the kind words, for the support.
Thank you for all the signs you have shown, each and every one of you, and it feels as if it is truly the starts of multiple threads of things that are leading to a much richer tapestry, the start of something beautiful and exciting and just a little bit crazy. I will be changing and making changes, and learning about myself and what my heart really wants, and what I really want, and there are so many things people have said and so many decisions that I have made that have resonated so strongly within myself that I am doing the right thing.
I am starting a new journey and I am pursuing happiness.
Thank you.
Thank you so much. 
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  1. Hi there Aida,
    Wow, talk about changes.Love the blog's new look.All the best for 2010 (it's never to late to share the love,kan?Haha), and here's to good health, wealth and happiness!

    x Lisa

  2. Amy Says:

    are u getting married?!? just my wonders :p

  3. Actually I just broke up with my boyfriend. :)

  4. All I can say is all the best, hey! Here's to all of us who dares to pursue happiness. :)

  5. hi miss! i havent been here in awhile, was hoping that you are still writing and walaa!

    nice layout change, and goodluck in pursuing that happiness.

    haha, everyone seems to be doing that a lot lately, hmm. take care :D

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