Aida Zabidi
At times like these, these heady, warm afternoons where time almost seems to sit still, I often find myself in a bout of restlessness, a feeling that I do not quite belong within the confines of my own home.

Being home is like that.

Half the time I feel burdened, useless and incapacitated in my inability to do much while I am living at home, trapped by the structure of society and my own lack of thoughts.

I am seized by wandering feet, and the need to break free of this seemingly bland existence, where everyone is stuck in the same rut, in the same rat race, scrabbling to build the same lives - in search of happiness, and stability - it bores me to no end, and I cannot help feeling like there is a different alternative to life out there.

I yearn to sleep under the stars, and own nothing but the clothes off my back. Idealistic, and perhaps not the most practical of wishes, but part of me wishes to be far away from civilisation, and far away from responsibilities.

If only one could live on wishes, and stories, and love.
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  1. I wanna join you for the sleeping under the stars bit!! ^_^

  2. Come Azreen! We should do that one day! :D

  3. When you find out how to go about doing this, please do tell!

  4. LOL Shahriman,

    We're obviously dreamers, aren't we?

  5. You won't believe how I got here. Started with reading some stuff on Aduka Taruna, fumbled into a blog which was dissecting the issue, read a few comments, then finally, here.

    Nice entries btw. They're all short & sweet but carry a weight. Won't mind if I link you, will you? As if you'd say you will. Haha.

  6. Dear Nada,

    By all means, link me. Thanks for the kind words. :)

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