Aida Zabidi
Sometimes I question my sanity.

The way I write is a reflection of myself, of the light and darkness that exists within.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm entirely sane, and it seems as if I am myself but not. Sometimes it feels like I am removed from myself.

Are any of us entirely sane?

We are built, programmed a certain way by the virtue of our lifestyles and the experiences we are beholden to. We learn from our past - to react, to analyze, to cement that perception of who we are and build in our minds the person we want to become.

Sometimes I wonder if my constructs are falling apart - if I have lost sense of myself. Is this the cause of this disjointedness, this uncertainty? Like anyone else, I have received my share of challenges in life, and like anyone else, I have reacted.

My psychiatry professor once mentioned that people work along certain lines, according to their personality traits, with strengths and weaknesses from each type. Those with certain traits worked best a certain way, but were crippled by those very things that made them so strong. I often wonder if I am reacting outside a way that I normally do, because I have been crippled by my own thoughts and actions.

Who knows?

2 Responses
  1. Genius cannot exist without madness. Take heart.

  2. khUthU Says:

    resonate to the world :) its like finding a spot on the world map for u, for urself. so thats why its kinda mad, dont u think? land a home, u'll be just fine.

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