Aida Zabidi
It is the end of the road. 

We sat and reminisced; recounted the days where we had laughingly foreseen the end of the road for all of us. It seemed so far away, and yet here we are, sitting together again - and half have ended this journey that we started on together. 

It seems strange.

The journey has been long, and arduous. For some, standing at the end of it, there is just a sense of tiredness and just wanting to get it over with.

Congratulations nevertheless.

It is not a road that everyone walks, but you have made the trek, and now stand at the next fork. To what the future holds for each and every one of us, I do not know - but I hope for one, and only one thing.

I hope many years in the future, we will meet again like this - all of us, together, reminiscing, laughing, recounting our memories together once again. Regardless of the journey we will take after this fork, I hope that we are able to meet at intervals like this one, and laugh like we always have.
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  1. Rose Says:

    congratulations dear! i pray the path that leads you brings you happiness, health and love. always.

  2. Congratulations! Here's to another winding road to take, and to the memory of a journey well taken.

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