Aida Zabidi
Lies, lies and even more lies.

Rumours, spreading like wildfire.
Like the seven heads of the Hydra, as Hercules himself futilely tried to cut them, one at a time
Only to have two spring in its place.
Like ripples in a pond, only nowhere near as beautiful.
But twisted the further it goes

Darkness, and blessed oblivion
Let the darkness wash over me
For perhaps I am not worth the light.

Blessed sleep
And beautiful illusions
Of a time that was not quite there
Nothing more but a beautiful tale
A tale like no others
With its twists and turns
Just another tale a long long time ago.
Was it a story?
Was it my story?

Did you love me?
Do you love me?
Will you love me?

Betrayal and broken trust
A nameless hurt
A faceless enemy

Damn you who have self righteously put it upon yourself
Was it yours to tell?
Who are you to hurt those who are my flesh and blood?

My mistakes should be my own
Not my family
Not my parents
And damn you to hell for that.

Who are you?

Who are you indeed?

May your soul burn in hell
Forgiveness is no longer in me.
9 Responses

  1. rise and fall,
    lies and all.

  2. Lava Says:

    I want to reach you,
    not to tell you it is going to be ok,for i have no idea, but to just let you know i wish you well.

  3. should i pen down a stanza too?

    take care, miss.

  4. NJB Says:

    its quite sad seeing less of forgiving. one should never be out of it.

    i really wish u well.

  5. Al Says:

    I like the way you start off sounding a tad vulnerable,but end with a tough take.Thats how life is,throws shit at you and expects you to harden up,prepares you for the meatier shit bombs.

  6. i like this.
    doesnt necessarily relate to how i feel but its so well written that i wish i feel this way, even for an instant.

  7. it doesn't sound like things were. particularly technical...

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