Miss Aida

What do I have to offer?

You asked me that before. And strangely, a question that I’ve been asking myself multiple times.

What do I have to offer?

Is this what everything has come down to?

This question.

Life sometimes is all about selling yourself, to future employers, to friends, to family. The idea that we are of some sort of individual worth, worthy of the time of others, worthy of a friendship, worthy of love.

We are attracted to those who we deem equal to ourselves, and we make ourselves out to seem the equal of others. It is natural, to want to be able to hold your head high as you walk alongside a friend, a partner, a colleague.

What happens when all self-worth is washed away?

Is this truly what life is?

A barter system?

Can I not care for you for who you are, for the presence you have in my life? No more, no less, not for the friendship you give me, not for the shoulder of support that you offer me, not for the like minded intellect that we share, but for the simple emotions that you evoke within, for the simple fact that I like you for yourself, the instinctive part of myself that responds to you.

I care for the person that you are.

But perhaps, that in itself, is the only thing that I am able to offer at the moment to all who are in my life.

But is that enough?
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  1. Rose Says:

    hello! How are you? Having fun in Melbourne? I miss it so much!

    And yes, I've finally updated my blog (it's been awhile)!


    Life is not a bartering market.

    Its where we share who we are with who-they-are-s.




    Time fails not to spawn great romance,
    tales of greatness that the heart enhance,
    just like how the swans in dance,
    maketh a mad man die in trance.

    But be wary O those who glance,
    at the beauty of those that bring you trance,
    tales of love have hidden lances,
    that will pierce your heart giving you no chances.

    No matter how great is the love we have glance,
    be known you of the truth behind the swan's dance,
    the purity that love enhance,
    hids the ugliness of lust flounce.

    Making hurt weigh more that a thousand once.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    On the flip side, values are subjective when bartering...one apple might be worth two oranges. So it all boils down to freewill right?

  4. nothing is ever enough, unless it's an excess of everything bad.

  5. babe, how bout you offer me a lunch when you do come back. heheh

  6. my belief is that no matter how much u offer, expect nothing back.

    seems trivial, said so often, but seriously. it is the only way we know its enough.


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