Miss Aida
Some things I’ll never say.

Some things I cannot.

Sometimes I don’t know what to say. And sometimes I don’t know if it will make any difference. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will know what to do. And sometimes I feel like I deserve all that has happened.

Only one time I have been ashamed, only one instance.

Only this time do I not have any idea what I want to say.

Only this time do the words repulse me, only this time my does my throat feel like closing up every time I try to say the words, only this time the words remain stuck in my throat.

If I told you would you listen?

But what difference would it make?

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  1. sometimes, your words can crawl through my veins and i almost tear.
    almost, cause i prevent it.
    sometimes i feel so effected by your stories it kills me to find the end of it.

    this isn't one of them.
    but i just want to let you know what you could do and did.

  2. Zaty Says:

    i've had those times too... tho i'm not sure if we're in the same boat here...

    sometimes i feel like i have a million things to say, but i don't know where to start. it hurts to suck it in, but it's equally painful to say it out, because it might affect other ppl (who are probably unrelated) and things'll get complicated. or even worse, absolutely nothing happens.

    that's the hardest part to swallow, in fact.

    hope everything will get better for you dear.

  3. If it were to make a difference, would you still say those words?

  4. Rose Says:

    happy new year doll! btw i had to change my blog - someone hacked into my account n now i can't access it. now you can find me at babybornblue.blogspot.com.

  5. khUthU Says:

    let it out. see how it survive real life. if it's a cloud, say it cloud. not the sun :) or anything u don't mean or intend to. i'm sorry. this is evilish.

  6. Sad when you've got a million words to say to a person...

    But yet knowing they wont finch a tiny bit...

    What's worse is that you know those words break them deep inside, yet they stay strong for ur sake..

    Ok.. maybe i'm rambling away off the topic...

    Would you regret not saying them?
    It's your chance now, your call..

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Telling a person how you feels towards that person is ever always so complicated. More sad if that person does not have the same feelings as you do.

    Ego hurts but life goes on.

  8. Iyra Says:

    just say what's on your mind, as long as it doesnt make things worse. what's the worst that could happen if you do, yes? at least when you look back, you know say you've said everything you wanted to.

    no regrets.

  9. greysky Says:

    It is not easy
    Keeping all those words in

    Maybe it is easier
    Cause you do not have not hear

    whatever that could bruise you

    It is not easy
    But mayb we need not fear

  10. Zu Says:

    silence is sometimes better.

    explaining, with words, can be misinterpreted.

    actions. do something about it. because actions speak louder than words.


  11. Say once, and say it once for all.
    That's how you make a real decision.
    -Shahrum A.Hasan-

    My father said that to me.
    I still struggle to make use of it.
    I'll share it with you. Perhaps you can make use of it better than me.



  12. dania Says:

    Sometimes those words will come out when the time is right. You might not know when that time will be but, when it happen, you know that's the right time for it.

  13. i am sure there are those out there who will listen but whether it will make a difference? i guess u gotta give it a shot to know

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