Miss Aida
Let the assassination of my character begin.

You are the outsiders, the ones who know nothing, and yet have the strongest opinions of all.

What do you know about us; about the dynamics of the relationship? What do you know about our trials and tribulations, about the road we travelled together? What do you know of me, and the situation? What do you know about the background of my actions, and the reasons why I did what I did?

I know what will be said.

The slut, the whore.

I care not for your words and your opinions of my actions.

Let those words run away with you, for I doubt anything I say or do will make the difference. I know my innocence and my guilt, and despite the way the situation looked, I care not to apologize for something I did not do.

Let your imaginations run wild, and I know they will. Let the story be told and retold a hundred and one times, each time more fanciful than the next and let my character go through the web of fiction and fantasy, each time sounding more and more like the villainous wretch of a thousand ages.

The ones who know the full story will understand, but I will protect the other parties involved and no one else will know the context of the story. My character has been set in people’s minds, and let them think what they will.

I know my actions, and I have told him otherwise. Maybe I’m insensitive, but at least I’m an honest fool. And that’s enough.
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  1. NJB Says:

    but how about we faithful readers? the ones who knows nothing at all, cat-level curiosity, and being bizibody for no apparent reason.

    i apologize.

    wish u better days hereafter.

  2. demonsinme Says:


    You are, as your readers, HUMAN.

    As usual, a gift from my latest entry -




    the little child stare staright at the sky,
    his eyes shouted to the sky a red stare of bile,
    his tears reek hideous blight,
    his lips whispered a truth not nay,
    fisticuffs be the feast of this night,
    as hurt reigns in the place of his smile,
    something he thought the sky sowed in guile,
    by hiding shines that are gentle and mild,
    and bring forth storms that made all sacrosancts rile,
    pointing to him a divine lie.


    the sky kept sporting a havenly smile,
    that kept the soil under the child's feet fertile,
    and chase hunger far from his mama's scullery,
    by keeping the fire merry,
    and making the stove proof its worthy,
    so that what was once raw became a lovely fricassee,
    that would make darkness say goodbye,
    hence giving place to a lovely smile,
    and calmed the heart of a sadden child.

  3. I wish I could do more than just wishing :(

  4. rusy Says:

    Hmm just a piece of my mind. We who write which path we walk and thus we will suffer on our own consequences. So, what is done is done and pray for it to never happen again :). Just a thought from someone who made so much mistakes and still survive her life.

  5. Zaty Says:

    i hate it when ppl judge others easily, altho the only thing they know abt a situation is merely the tip of the iceberg.

    i don't know what happened, and why, but my instincts tell me whatever it is you made/did, a mistake or a problem or whatever, i'm on your side.

    i don't know how that can make you feel better tho.

    praying you'll get thru this triumphantly...

  6. Miza Says:

    I have to listen to the brunt of the conversation. Yay me. I'm suppose to be telling you to think it over. but honestly, i do think honesty is the best thing you can do right now. love you.

  7. Iyra Says:

    'each time more fanciful than the next and let my character go through the web of fiction and fantasy, each time sounding more and more like the villainous wretch of a thousand ages.'

    very, very nicely put. don't worry about those insignificant others. it's nothing more than them displaying their own endless insecurities.

  8. shila Says:

    We all have our own reason for the actions we take.....

    whether its a wrong decision or right.....we just learn our lesson...its not like the rest of the people always make the rights decision....

    We are human...

    Follow your heart...

    Anyway, i think the older (matured,hehe) we are, the more we dont care bout the insignificant others....

    Life's short...Enjoy it!

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