Miss Aida

Kebelakangan ini ku sering menggunakan perkataan itu.

Ku tidak bermaksud menggunakan perkataan itu sebagai kutukan atau sindiran, malahan ku sering mengatakan bodoh sambil tersenyum.

Ku tak tahu mengapa.

Mungkin ku terlalu suka perkataan tersebut.

Perkataan tersebut seolah-olah menjadi satu cara kumerahsiakan kasihku terhadap mereka di sekelilingku, terutama sekali apabila ku tujukan kepada rakan-rakan tertentu. Kadang-kala, perasaan sayang terhadap rakan-rakan di sekelilingku tidak dapat diberitahu secara terus terang.

Ada antara rakan-rakanku yang menggunakan perkataan cela sebagai perkataan kasih sayang. Ku rasa ku juga telah terikut-ikut cara mereka.

Bodoh lah.
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  1. Sarah Says:

    Hahahahahahahahah...nice malay post aida!!
    I totally get what u mean..I can't get rid of bodoh too! It sounds kasar kan?

  2. aca Says:

    hahaha.well done.a whole bm blog.kagum lah aida.i thot u wud never do it!!!!

    see!!pengaruh rakan2 sebaya.ngah ngah ngah


  3. i think by spelling it "bodoh" is what make it sound harsh, but the fact is the usual word we use is "bodo" which is...well,usable contagious and cute perhaps.

    bodo la.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i think it sounds harsh when u wrote it coz we all know that u don't do post in Malay and english is always ur first language.

    maybe a bit of anger towards oneself when writing this post? take it easy aida!

    cheer up :)

  5. Shaq, I think you've hit the nail on the head.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    ThE bEsT pOsTiNg So FaR pErSoNaLlY . yOu SpEaKs FrOm ThE hEaRt.

    bTw ThE mY fReN pRefEr To UsE tHe WoRd "SeNgAl" WhIcH tEnDs To Be LeSs HaRsH tHaN bOdOh.I wIsH i cOuLd So WeLl LiKe YoU dId In MaLaY. JeLeS tAo !

    KeEp WrItInG iN yOuR mOtHeR tOnGuE aNd ThEn YoU'lL ReAlIsE tHaT yOu ArE wRiTtInG fRoM tHe HeArT iNsTeAd Of ImPrEsSiNg OtHeRs.

  7. Aida, this post reminds me of the time when RTM decides to use bahasa baku for its news. Hahahaha, your Malay is correct, but I can't imagine you speaking like that. No offense ;)

  8. mlle linie Says:

    this post reminds me of jasara.. she calls bodoh and babi as endearment.. boleh? so bodoh is not so bad really..

  9. erina_z Says:

    am proud to be a malay!


    bodoh aa erin.

  10. I know Jasara!

    So definitely her.

    Also like a girlfriend of mine, Liz, who calls everyone a cunt.

  11. :D bodoh = sengal kot. i dunno why but my students always use this word. benda elok pun sengal, benda tak elok apatah lagi. and if the sengal-ness is 'visible' at a greater level, they'll use sengal siot! hmmm... kids nowadays! (cam dah tua je aku hahaha)

    btw, u sound kelakar dan pelik blogging in BM, but kudos for the courage and the attempt hahaha.

    cintailah bahasa ibunda kita huahuahua!

  12. NJB Says:

    i read this as if its a monologue of urs - like many ppl maybe, a dramatic one perhaps. it came out sounding rather indon-ish. or jawa-ian.

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