Miss Aida
Spotted last night, walking down the streets of Melbourne: three girls, two guys and a pizza place.

Well, maybe not quite the pizza place.

Replace pizza place with karaoke parlour and it sounds more like it.

For some reason, summer this year has brought on a bout of hay fever. Hells bells and damnation afoot. Aforementioned hayfever has resulted in less than optimum sleep, the concentration span of a gnat, and a few moments of true bitchiness.

This week at the train station, which are meant to be smoke free, I refrained myself from marching up to a chick who was smoking (and right in front of the ‘No Smoking’ sign to boot) and telling her “I hope you’re just fat and not pregnant, because you shouldn’t be smoking.”

The girls and I have been hooked on the series of Gossip Girl, yet another offering from America about the twisted and tangled lives of the rich and status obsessed, resulting in many ‘xoxo’ moments in our own lives. The show itself is more amusing, better written and surprisingly not as superficial as I expected it to be.

And in other classic Astorial moments, the return of Guitar Hero 3, and us obsessed Wii junkies. Love it or hate it, it’s addictive and it’s back.

Until the hayfever clears and my coherence with it, till next time (or perhaps, until the new emergence of a certain Bubble Girl).

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  1. Zaty Says:

    GAH i seriously hate it when people smoke in no-smoking zones. it's just as stupid as littering in no-littering zones. but then, every public place is a no-littering zone actually. hmm. some people are just dumb.

    ooh, a gossipgirl fan i see? =D i've read a volume and though the storytelling is good, i didn't get hooked ;P i didn't know there's a show? that should be interesting to watch.

  2. erina_z Says:

    A wrote in her blog about GG. Just like the other A. Now A is worried. Is this another one of her twisted games?


  3. Laily Says:

    gossip girl? isn't nate a dish? sigh...

    and do get better, dear. :)

  4. spotted: A was caught clenching her teeth while reading E's neverending XOXOs in A's blog, and now the other A's. What's more, E randomly called A a biatch, which she never would in her million years. Do we see a cat-fight coming? Sure, A & E are BFFs. But that doesn't stop them from having their daily catfights behind closed doors. Should the other A start worrying now?

    Til tomorrow,
    you know you love me.

    ..and who am i?

    That's a secret i'll never tell.

    -Gossip Girl-

  5. the comment above is purely fictional. hahhahaha
    erina, u know i love u.....biatch! hahahha =P
    and aida.... addictive as hell kan, Gossip Girl??? ;)

  6. lovely Says:

    interesting blog you have here.

  7. erina_z Says:

    Be careful of what u wish for other A.



  8. hahah....erinaa.....kesian aida.... her blog is now spammed by 2 Gossip Girls!

    Til tomorrow,
    you know you love me.


  9. Nothing beats Guitar Hero. Nothing. :)

  10. the moment i read your first word: "spotted" i knew i've bumped into another gossip girl-er. haha. but i'm surprised you like it! me not quite (but i watch it anyway :P)



  11. aida, u coming back this summer hols? let me know if u are, we should catch up.

  12. dania Says:

    Ooh! You should give Pushing Daisies a try too :) The storyline is very unique in a way.

    Urgh, I hate when people smoke in public where it shouldn't be. Sometimes these people act as if they don't have brains.

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