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The past couple of days have been, well, stressful to say the least.

I suppose it’s rarer than most when I decide to actually foray beyond my choice to depersonalize my writing style and become up close and personal about my life but the events of the past days were such an emotional rollercoaster that I need an outlet to let it all out.

I suppose that’s why some of us have blogs after all.

Aca left first, and Aji left recently. And it’s ironic considering that we’re going to see each other in Malaysia and back in Melbourne when we all come back, but there was a certain finality when the doors of the Melbourne airport closed behind them. The past year living with them held so many good memories, and knowing that we would be in different places the year to come was bittersweet. Things will naturally be different, and you miss out on the small things that you only experience living with someone.

Gotta love them.

However, it was the Friday when things took a turn. The Friday I was sifting through things and thinking about packing up when I noticed my passport was missing from the drawer. I didn’t panic at first, assuming it was in a handbag, or somewhere else – but after the whole weekend without it turning up the severity of the situation finally hit me.

Like a ton of bricks.

Khairun and Hamiza, if you guys ever read this, you are NOT to tell mama or ayah. Ever.

I think perhaps I was trying to push it out of my mind too hard, and when I finally had to face the situation, the magnitude of the whole thing was overwhelming.

I called the Malaysian Hall warden and his advice was to go up to Canberra and get emergency travel documents.


Melbourne to Canberra is an eight hour drive, or a A$250 flight, money which I definitely don’t have to spare. In addition, I have exams coming Wednesday and Friday, and I fly back the Monday night, which makes the timing very tricky. Especially since the High Commission isn’t open over the weekend.

Amir, the gem that he is, was supportive throughout and told me he would pay for tickets, if it came to that. I love you I love you I love you. I think I wanted to break down a little bit and probably had a few moments of curling up in the foetal position but things had to be done.

I was then advised to head to Malaysian Hall, where the Dr Ali, the Malaysian consul would help me with the paperwork to speed up the process. Naturally there would be paperwork. However, checking the public transport website, it turned out that some sort of works would be happening on the streets and the trams I needed to get on to get to the Hall would be unavailable.


Cue Din, man of the moment, who agreed to drive me to Malaysian Hall. Yay for Din! I could’ve done a little happy jig right there and then, but I think I would have probably scared people.

Dr Ali was oh so helpful, very meticulous and a calming influence. Apparently there might be problems with reissuing a new passport, only because the Malaysian passport is in such high demand on the black market. I was mentally prepared to get tickets to Canberra and was stressing so much about exam timetables and my flight back. Dr Ali made a personal call to Canberra, and persuaded officials there that he would vouch for my character, and all of a sudden, I didn’t have to go to Canberra! The documents would be posted!


I think the relief was overwhelming at that point. It definitely made my day.

Taking my passport pictures for the paperwork, I was cracking up because it looks like I wasn’t wearing anything. I imagine it looked like some dodgy Asian prostitute trying to gain an illegal travel document.

Dodgy nekkid passport picture.

Thank you Din, for not complaining about me dragging you all over. And for the company in those stressful moments.

Now with exams to go, packing up my stuff to move, and a flight back next week, I am looking forward to the weekend!
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  1. haha at last u went to my birthplace!

    so, apa lagi. once ur back we meet up for coffee or dinner!

    wheepieee doo.

  2. fuhh...i can imagine the stress...the anxiety n all that.

    glad it all went ok.

    gd luck with exams, n hav a pleasant flight back to msiaaa ohh msiaaa!! =)

  3. OMG. That was my number one fear which prompted me to get a Victorian driver's license as ID in Australia. I'm glad you didn't have to make a mad rush to Canberra. LOL @ the "Asian prostitute" photo, it looks so dodge! But you know that passport photos and driver's license photos never ever do anyone justice.

  4. whoa, drastic change of writing style! i'm not used to it YET, but i kinda like it ;)

    and glad passport problem settled. would be tad too fcked up to be stranded there... and welcome home.

    soon anyway.

  5. DiN Says:

    and that's why u bought another guitar controller?

  6. yay. soon we shall meet again

  7. aca Says:

    nk berterima kasih kat din lar.tanye lar lagy.wahahaha.owh owh owh,i miss u guys!!!muaksssssssssss.hope everything going well now.:D and best of luck in ur exams!!!


    A gift from my latest entry -



    if you keep pacing the mile,
    this world will show its wild,
    where one's thirst be quenched only by bile,
    sieve from the Pharaohs' Nile,
    and only tears be the pillars of a smile,
    a smile paved by guile.

    But Child,

    if you stop and sit for a while,
    and takes breaths that ever so mild,
    you would see trough all of the lies,
    that hid the colors of a butterfly,
    freeing the world's inner cry,
    a cry that bring tears to Gabriel's eye.

    And Child,

    listen ever so carefully to that cry,
    listen to the loudness that has never shy,
    listen as it comes from a heart that you could not buy,
    listen so that you would know why,
    listen so that your tears would dry,
    listen so that you know the bed where the world lie.

    And find the loudness of silence in you and I.

  9. bodibodicea! Says:

    hahaha good luck!

  10. dD: Yes, we definitely shall.

    Din: Never underestimate the power of Guitar Hero as a stress reliever.

    Aca: Missing you too! (See you in Malaysia)

  11. lucky thing u managed to get a replacement huh

  12. cuti panjang kan sampai februari kan...yeaaaayyyyy!!!

    dun b a stress bunny be an easter bunny instead hehe

  13. Haha you do NOT look like a dodgy Asian prostitute!

    Well...okay, maybe a little.

    Good to know everything turned out okay :)

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