Miss Aida
Dear heart,

I know it’s difficult.

I know the days will be cold, and some days you will wish you had him to talk to, and that some days your eyes will be swollen from the tears you shed for the lost relationship.

It is difficult.

But sometimes, the right decisions are the most difficult of all.

Especially when regret is expressed.

The relationship is no longer the promise of love, the beginnings of what potentially could be the bloom of something joyous. It is like a joyless marriage, a relationship where the sad times outweigh the good, and despite your test of time, your feelings have waned and it is only familiarity that keeps you together.

Dear heart,

Everyone deserves a chance to love.

Don’t shortchange yourself, for it is difficult now, but it will be so much more difficult in times to come. Time will bind you together, and time is one of those double edged swords that could make or break you.

You will laugh, and love, and perhaps your heart will bleed a little bit more the longer you stay in this relationship.

I wish only for your happiness, I wish not for your expressions of remorse. I wish you caution, and to be true to your heart.

Guilt should never enter a relationship. It can often be the end.
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  1. i'm not sure what this is about, or if it is what i think it is (or if it's nothing at all) but it's true that nothing is ever easy. especially when it comes to love. but still, if it's built on a strong foundation, it can withstand all that shitty bang bang.

    even if it can't, even if you lose them, it's better to have loved than never at all, no?

    yep, cliche. but it matters. :)

    and happy raya in advance!

  2. bodicea Says:

    guilt is nothing but the workings of the conscience. it reminds, or tells, you of the right choices.

    nothing is too late if it can still be changed. better if for the better.

    food for thought: it's naive to think that a person can be 100% emotionally loyal all the time.

    may hope be with you.

  3. intense expression aida!!I like it...try to continue bloggin i luv readin ur entry....well, u r a future doc ryt? r u sponsored by ur counntry to melb for ur medi studies??

  4. hmm. this isn't about you at all right ?

  5. Not about me.

    You know my motto: No regrets (even though I've done some stupid stuff).

  6. khUthU Says:

    yeah. regret. its the other word for stupid. or drunken. or senile (which means loss of cognitive ability :P funny it sounds so sarcastic)

    however, it can be one powerful drive. no denying. think of those "right in front of me" things that seem imposible to see.

    harhar. selamat hari raya!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    "Everyone deserves a chance to love". Truly, that is what everyone wishes and hopes for. It's a pity if two people still continue a relationship based on guilt and familiarity..what's more sad if either one of them, meet someone else who can make that possibility to be loved and to love again but afraid to pursue.

  8. relationships is such that it rarely makes sense. give it time.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    get real now

  10. Anonymous Says:

    It's real as it gets anon 2..

  11. Miss Aida:

    A belated Eid Mubarak to you and your beloved ones.

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