Miss Aida
My laptop got stolen.

Fuckety fuck fuck.

A moment of silence while I mourn the loss of my photos, the odd four thousand plus photos from the past five years, all which were painstakingly edited, colour corrected, labeled and filed in their little folders.

And a pox on the thief.
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  1. I heard! OMG I am so sorry babes. Takpe...I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get your laptop back.

  2. amal Says:

    Darn! How in the world did it get stolen? I know I'd curse the person for life if it happens to me.

  3. Kishie Says:

    how can u post such a calm blog like this? i admire you.

  4. Zaty Says:

    i was thinking, "A pox???"

    i was thinking chickenpox. looked up the dictionary.. did you mean the syphilis version of pox? ;P

    aih. i'd wish an infinite number of misfortunes for the thief if i were you. seriously.

    but yeah, getting emo wont really get you anywhere anyway. you're awesome =D

  5. erina_z Says:

    i can never live without my laptop!

    Hishhh. Geramnya at the theif. Go and curik camera pun takpe.

    ...ok maybe not...

  6. DiN Says:

    it's not a thief la aida, it's hantu! no one dumb enough to go there and stole the laptop without taking the adapter as well, AND WHILE I'M SLEEPING NEXT TO YOUR LAPTOP!

  7. that sucks!
    might be a good time to invest in a portable harddisk.

  8. oh my! fuckety fuck fuck to the thief. pffft.

    anyways, you wrote your name as Miss Auda on my blog. Is that your new nickname or you really had a typo error?


  9. Ally Says:

    Mari kita sunat itu pencurik!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i haven't gotten the pre-raya photos and all the photos from recent events off u yet!

    damn thief!

  11. khUthU Says:

    digital tragedy
    life in binary

  12. Aliaa Says:

    i know how you feel! i got my hard drive wiped out by some shit virus and now i have no pictures from my life in Australia!!


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