Miss Aida
It started out small.

Almost like a little coffee spot on the floor. No matter what anyone did, it didn’t go away. Then out of nowhere it faded, leaving the faint brown outline.

That’s when it appeared.

A small brown spot at first, just like the first one. Then it grew bigger and bigger every day. Bigger than my hand, then bigger than my head, then bigger than me! It grew so fast it ate the entire carpet of my apartment, and it slowly spread outwards until it consumed the entire apartment. It grew and grew until it spread unto the streets of Melbourne, and before you know it, it’ll take over the world!

Okay, so maybe I exaggerated a little bit.

It was still big enough to warrant renovations and render me homeless and dependent on the goodwill of friends. I almost feel like a nomad.

Perhaps I am not as adaptable as I used to be.
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  1. Tash A Says:

    That sounds like an awesome title for a B-grade horror flick... "The Mould That Ate My Apartment"!

    It's just one of those things, hey. Maybe a bit of bleach early on might have killed it, but mould is quite aggressive apparently.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    life rushes. watch where ur going :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    u'll get ur home back pretty soon. bear with it. but seriously, ur "new" place at Arrow is small. better hope the carpetman finishes his work fast!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    oh, and the mold is...eewwwww. haha

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  6. Come la to Arrows while we have a place there. It's small, but better make full use of it before we are officially nomads again next friday!

    It's really testing us, isnt it?

  7. Haha! "The mould that ate my apartment"


    Seriously tho, what was it anyway?
    Sounds like some jihadists' new weapon.

  8. I should make my way to Arrows, but some part of me really, really doesn't.

    It's almost like I'm clinging on to the remnants of my life here.

    Ironic, when the difference is 500 m.

  9. hahahahahaa, kelakarnya ^.^

    if you think it's spreading and consuming the entire world, don't forget to warn me asap. ;P

  10. who u gonna call? mould busters?

  11. HAha! mould busters!
    my god.. i'm sorry if we're not getting the gist of this entry.
    But you gotta admit.
    you got alot of funny friends.

  12. oh. before i forget.

    What WAS IT??!?!?

  13. It was mould. They've ripped up the carpets, so it's gone now thankfully... It's just that now the apartment's carpet-less and inhabitable!

  14. erina_z Says:

    oh my god. heard about this. kesian korang. nway do hope for the best though!

    i'm sure there's no place like home ;)

  15. that's not any mould that i know of. and i know PLENTY.

    details, girl.
    What mould was it?

  16. Iz Says:

    403 is the place to be...
    sbb ade iz yg bes.. dont worry just lepak je until the house siap.. bole mantapkan ur guitar hero skills. hehehe

  17. Iz, I've never played as much Playstation as in the past 3 weeks. Haha.

    Neowakko, I have no idea what mould it was! Didn't care to investigate further either!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    so neowakko is a mould wakko.. hmm.. making sense..

  19. Strange mould do grow..........in strange places.....

  20. aLz Says:

    good thing you have friends to depend on. :)

  21. amir Says:

    neowakko is somehow obsessed with the mould.it's almost...strange.maybe you planted it there? jeng jeng jeng.

  22. Obsessed? i'm bloody curious!
    If i get my hands on some of that, there would be no house safe from me.

    carpets everywhere. restaurants, cars, busses, oh oh! people's clothing... and UNDERWEAR!!

    the ultimate prank.

  23. dotsuchi Says:

    first time commentor here. hope u dont mind :)
    this entry reminds me of a stephen king 's novel (title tak ingat).

    right after the molds take over the better half of the room, they'd give birth to maggots. ish. if that's the case, get a good exorcist. :D

  24. Miza Says:

    hahahhaa you're a nomad. NO-MAD! hahha. im in computer class. sneaking around.

  25. ardy Says:

    Emmmmm.... mould...

    (drools away)

  26. Anonymous Says:

    neowakko iss i mouldwakko. perfect sense. underpants? yet another maybe. do u where ur underpants to classes noewakko. u must posses a powerfull control. or powerless?! shocking. yet another maybe. very interesting wakko neowakko is..

  27. ZeMMs Says:

    You........ should write a book :P

  28. chics Says:

    haha i love your imagination babe ;)

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