Miss Aida
It is the little things in life that make the huge differences.

Conversations I’ve had, things I’ve done, events that have happened – and mostly it’s the simplest, most unexpected statements that stay with me.

Of recent times I’ve had to take the bus to the hospital on a regular basis. Although my times aren’t the same day by day, I’ve started to recognize some of the bus drivers.

There’s a particular driver who I always smile to and try and strike up a mini-conversation. He looks like a distinguished older man, and it seems quite incongruous that he works driving a bus, almost. I wonder about his job choice, but perhaps he enjoys it, and who am I to question otherwise?

One day as I stepped on the bus, this particular bus driver told me, “You light up my day when you step into the bus, love.”

Well, needless to say he lit up my day.

A simple comment from a stranger and it left a lingering feeling of general contentment.

As I took the buses later, I noticed him do simple things to help the passengers on his daily route. He would stop and take the effort to help lift a pram into the bus, and I’ve seen him wave people through when they realize they lack the change for tickets.

It makes me believe in human goodness, at a time when I am becoming increasingly disillusioned.

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  1. maybe he was something else before he became a taxi driver. maybe he was a successful man?

    sometimes i notice there are cab drivers who don't shy away from the reality of being cab drivers. and when i strike up a conversation, they always turn out to be successful retired people just making extra buck.

    funny right? :)

  2. Wow. you know in UK, you won't get that extra-friendly service.

    Its all like, "oh you're 5p short? well i'm sorry, rules are rules"

    Stuckup bastards.

  3. makes me really happy to witness those things ... you know, genuine kindness.

  4. Tash A Says:

    It was a cold, damp February morning and I knew it was too early for me to be awake. But there I was waiting for the bus that would take me to the train station. I was on my way to Melbourne, and to see you.

    At last the bus arrived and as I stepped on-board I was greeted by Brian, the psychic bus driver. He was nice and chatty, and he said he drove the bus not because he had to (he owns a couple of investment properties which he rents out) but because he enjoyed it. Before I got off, he told me my future.

    True story! :)

  5. was his prediction right?

    nice of you to chat with the driver. wish I could step out of my comfort zone.

  6. rusy Says:

    thats very friendly, aida. i soo adore your effort to talk to some random people.

    im on my there, too. esp with the elderly, they are very friendly and warm. making me feel almost the same (not in the age-sense) color as them.

    wonderful, arent they :)

  7. dania Says:

    It's people like him that makes our day to day journey more colorful. :)

    Also, there are always interesting stories to each driver. Where they've been, who they've met.

    It's wonderful when you know there are still people like him around to make anyone's day so much better

  8. Kishie Says:

    kindness still exists. thank goodness.

  9. amal Says:

    haha, u'd wish malaysian bru drivers are! :p

  10. Azalia Says:

    I experienced this once too. Amazing how simple gestures or words could brighten up your day. And to think of it, i've only stepped into his bus 2 times. I found out about him that he was from the farm, he was used to driving those big farm tractors and machines. Moved into the city to marry a girl, which sadly, didnt last. I remember him wishing all the best for my studies before i got off the bus. Little does he know that I'll probably remember his little advices and stories for the rest of my life. Yeah, it's these kinds of people that give me hope to still believe in human goodness and sincerity.

  11. Zaty Says:

    that's really admirable!

    when im in foreign countries i can come out of my shell and tegur the drivers and get chatty, but at malaysia i'll just usually simply say thanks/hi/bye to the driver je.. it feels kinda awkward, i guess. i think i can be more conversational with taxi drivers tho. heheh

    you have your head on right. well, it shows, since you're a doctor-to-be =)

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