Miss Aida
Slander from the tongues of ignorants.

A social club, a forum for Malaysian current issues, organized by members of a students club bearing a political name is bound to draw criticism. Even more so when prominent politicians are part of the forum.

Everyone has an opinion, especially when it comes to political figures.

Mind you, I stress on the word political figures. Mostly because the actual forum was not meant to be political at all. It was originally meant as a platform for concerned Malaysians to discuss current issues.

No doubt that there would have been politics involved in there, somewhat, but I digress.

Somehow the whole issue became embroiled around the organizers, two perfectly lovely girls, one which I have the honour of calling a friend, and their personal lives. Slander from the tongue of ignorants about the character of these two women. Speculation most of it, from those who do not even know or take the effort to find out.

Personal letters, pictures and phone numbers published on a website, and circulated to committee members of divisions of the club they were part of.

It is a smear campaign by people who hide behind the anonymity of the web to two students who were just organizing another event for a club they were part of. A club which maintains a strong presence for Malaysians in the Melbourne community by organizing mostly social events, despite its’ political name.

It is in no way justified that the personal lives of people involved should have been brought into the whole issue.

The whole reaction is overrated and overblown.

Pointless and stupid.

Perhaps, thus is the nature of people.

You know who you are.

And to you, know that your friends are standing behind you, and that we know the truth.
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  1. IF Says:

    Any attempts to politicise things and issues that clearly are not never fails to ammuse me. And what's even funnier is there will always be suckers who swallow it whole.

    No wonder 'Melodi' gets a higher rating than any of the political debate shows on RTM. Yes people, there is such a program on TV.

    Go flick channels. :P

  2. Anonymous Says:

    who are these people??!!

    and they're bashing my friend?? wtf!

    they're inviting political figures to give a talk. if you don't like it, don't go! if you wanna voice out ur opinion, do it professionally. not like they ask u to join the political party!

    how close minded could people be. sheesh.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    PuBlIc FiGuReS rEaL oR wANnAbEs ArE PrOnE tO sCrUtInY oR cRiTiSm EiThEr GoOD oR bAd. If ThEy CaN't tAkE tHe HeAt -LaY lOw AnD lEaD a PrIvAtE lIfE.

    sLaNdEr Or NoT-tHe FaCt WiLl SpEaKs FoR iTsELf. IkUt MaCaM sEaN-uNdIlAh RoSaK aS .......emO lAh !

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Aida :)


  5. a sad pathetic attempt to bring down perfectly good people. i'm speechless.

  6. These people are content to hide behind their computers, professing to be so-called political expert. A post even said that KUAM (or any club for that matter) should REFER to them before inviting any political figure to give a talk.

    Apparently, they are the 'taiko' because they postes in the forums since 2001, so people must follow whatever they say. And KUAM should invite Tun Dr M instead.

    How easy for them to say such things. And how easy that they call the girls as 'bodek' just because they invited KJ.

    How sad, because they take everything at face value, because of the low quality of postings in the said forum, because they are our fellow Malaysians.

  7. Dear akubudaksetan,

    Yes, public figures are open to scrutiny.

    However, organizers of an event which involves public figures should not be.

  8. afiq Says:

    Scary stuff, campus politics.

    Especially when they play dirrrty. You knowlah Malay rulers and their tendency to form regimes instead of democratic political parties.

  9. amal Says:

    some stupid people resort to personal attacks because they are too stupid, they just can't seem to debate with manners.. and yes, we should just ignore these stupid people anyway :)

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