Miss Aida
Yesterday I attended a talk by the Malaysian Prime Minister.

We were all representatives of various student clubs, and we lined up beside the door to usher him in. As I stood there, shoulder to shoulder with the other students, I was struck at how my heart was thumping.

I have never been a fan of politics. I usually live in my own world.

I wasn’t immune to the fact that I was meeting the Prime Minister of Malaysia. It was exciting, for some unknown reason, to think that I was meeting a man who was the leader of a country.

Everyone stood as he entered, and he walked past us, shaking our hands as he passed. His hands were surprisingly soft, the hands of an old man.

He stood at the podium and I thought to myself, “He’s just a man.”

A man who is the leader of a country, no doubt. A man who holds a lot of political power, definitely. A man who seemed to genuinely believe that Malaysia had what it took to progress.

But just a man.

My sister once remarked that he is a great man, with great ideas, but he has come to power at the wrong time.

I wonder too, if this is the case. He was not afraid to address our issues, but he seemed very tired. I wonder what goes on behind closed doors. I too, have followed the political discrepancies, I too, know that the democratic government of Malaysia isn’t really as democratic as it seems, and as I sat behind a line of datuks and datins, I wondered how many of them were caught up in this dirty world of politics. As they smiled and nodded, I wondered if they actually agreed with what he said or if they were just trapped in the world they chose to live in.

I cannot think that politics is easy, and perhaps I am idealistic, but I believe in human nature.

I believe that people had ideas and hoped to make a difference.

I believe that the man that stood in front of me, at some point in his life, believed that he could do wonderful things for the country, and I wished him well.
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  1. rusy Says:

    WOW. I missed the open door to see the PM with my own eyes thanks to the anatomy prac (skemaaaaaaa).

    But I have to agree with ya, Aida. Politics; is not good. Its dirty, cruel and believe it or not, corrupted. I can never survive or even budge my head in. Its too scary!! I wonder bile laa I will be able to get out fo my cowardness shell and face the real world out there. (read: POLITICS WORLD)

    And I heard the food was good. ><

  2. Politics are plain dirty. My studies require me to know a little here and there about politics and believe me, well, they're just shit.
    As much as I would love to get my hands on the dirt I know that women don't stand a chance.

    It's just so degrading la.

    Anyway, I bet Beyonce was way wayyyyyy better ;D Better than better yes?

  3. no matter how, i can't push myself to vote. maybe i just don't believe in ANY politician. i think malaysians need something to have faith in.

  4. i wouldn't call politics shit. there are politicians with good intentions. somehow these ones never quite make it to the top. it has a lot to do with malaysians as well. after all, who else voted?

    i suppose good intentions are not enough. i think pak lah is an OK guy. but as the ruler of the country, i'm not impressed, as his opinions are not very clear to me.

  5. i don't think politics are shit either. even if it was, well, we still need 'em. politics intrigue me that's for sure. I aspire to be a part of it anyway (thinking of joining puteri UMNO in my twenties).

    On politicians,I have a great amount of respect for Pak Lah and few others. Not all. I think he's a really sincere man, haha. Reminds me of Glenn in Goodbye Boys.'Silent leader.' minus the bod and youth, heh.

  6. He told my dad to tell me to join the foreign ministry. Haha!

    This was on the flight back to Malaysia, apparently he was on the same flight as my parents. Go figure.

  7. siti Says:

    comeh nih! da ade boypren?

  8. HAHAHAHAHAH...now that's hilarious Pudtzy

  9. Miza~ Says:

    You know atuk, who was in UMNO never really made it to the top (didnt want to) because she said it was too dirty and banyak korupsi. I wonder why she joined in the first place.

  10. Laily Says:

    i am not too fond of politics too. i remember telling amal i would never vote for the rest of my life. but faiz and pinknerd have a point. politics, hate em but can't live without em. in every aspects of our life politics are very much needed.

    forget ideal leaders. they don't exist anymore. we have to make do with those brave (or sometimes, the greedy ones) souls in the hopes that one day, our nation will be blessed with someone of high intellect and sensitive, and not just someone with the agenda of granting AP permits or contracts to in-laws or something like that.

  11. afiq Says:

    prime ministers tend to have soft hands.. donno why~

  12. cAn't WaiT tO cAst My VoTe BuT dOn'T knOw WhO..uNDi LaH rOsAK ocAy!

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