Miss Aida
Birthday wishes, of things practical and not quite always.

Of things that I wish I could have but which lie within the realm of wishes.

I wish for world peace, without the triteness of a Miss Universe contestant.

I wish that the abuse of women and children would stop.

I wish for the magic of innocence.

I wish for no suffering.

Of things possible, of luxury and fripperies. I’ve realised I’ve been slowly building up a base of things to collect. I rarely fall in love with things, but on occasion, it happens. On the rare, with the way it fits, with the intricate designs on random materials, with the feel of fabric on my skin, sometimes it really does feel like falling in love unexpectedly and violently.

I never expected the white lambskin Chanel wallet. I used to tease Adlina about the whole datin complex, but something about the design really hit a chord. Maybe not necessarily that particular wallet, but that particular design. White and quilted lambskin with the hot pink interior. Simplicity really is key.

That white Dizingdof crop jacket. Regardless of the fact that I have the other crop jacket, but there’s something so beautiful about the cut and the way it fits that I put it on and I feel like it could be the glass slipper that turns me into Cinderella.

Those black Bettina Liano jeans. I have always, always been a jeans person. Only recently have I appreciated that difference that jeans have made. I have almost seven to eight pairs of jeans but two pairs that I will wear continuously. For maybe two weeks straight. And now I found the perfect third pair.

Or that gorgeous black and white dinner set. Those beautiful swirls and flowery patterns. I almost cried when they sold out of the box set, only to find out three months later, that they got new stock in. Sigh. Lust is not wasted on a woman.

Birthday wishes, of things practical and not quite always.

Or perhaps, the little things that lend colour to the days of wishes and a daydreamer of items.
8 Responses

  1. Iz Says:

    hope ur wishes come true...:)

  2. Natasha Says:

    how many white crop jackets do you need? Didn't you get one from MORGAN recently? Haha... :)

    If wishes were fishes we'd all cast our nets into the sea.

  3. Can't help it Pudtz.

    I'd really like world peace though. Really, really, really.

  4. LaiLy Says:

    err, i believe birthday wish is in order?

    yes? no? your bday is on april 12 kan?

    happy birthday, aida. i really hope you get your world peace. you and me both :)

  5. Simple luxurious stuff is the way to go. How I wish I could get my hands on that Marc Jacobs Stam bag.
    Oh and world peace too.

  6. haha, lust is never wasted on a girl/woman.

    heck, don't i know it ;)

  7. chics Says:

    happy birthday :)

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