Miss Aida
When I was a child I loved anything colourful and anything sparkly.

I still do.

I’ve just realised that’s where my love affair for shopping came from. I love wandering around malls, especially the ones in Australia, because they put so much effort into the interior decorating.

I’ve realised I’ve grown through phases of colours, almost like phases of my life.

I loved the army greens, the browns and denim in my teenage phase, just because part of me was trying so hard to rebel and not be part of a cliché and another part of me was trying really hard to blend in.

I loved the reds and blacks when I wasn’t afraid to express myself, to stand out from the crowd. It was a phase when I was learning self-confidence, as I was growing out of my teens, a phase where I wasn’t worried about what people said or thought of me. If I had to colour my life, a lot of it would be red.

At the moment I’m loving the whites and light pinks and greys, which remind me of soft femininity. A phase of my life where I’m more relaxed, almost relaxing into maturity almost.

Sometimes I can’t decide which colours I love more. Put me in a department store, with their artful arrangements of all the colour schemes together, and I will browse for hours and hours until I am satiated of it all.

I believe colour is beautiful, and when put together in certain arrangements, are stunning. I believe all the studies about colour affecting mood have a certain validity, for I know I wear certain colours to reflect my moods sometimes.

It is a beautiful world we live in.
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  1. I hear you, friend :)

    i think its a gift when one knows how to appreciate colours.

    cos that's when we see the world as a fair and wonderful place to live in.

    not just, 'dark,' you know what I mean? :)

  2. i have always loved all different kinds of colors, even though i wear mostly monochromatic stuff these days.

    what i don't see often enough is the appreciation for textures.

  3. nadia Says:

    aida, thanks for ur support to me when i was having black days. now i am into blue period. hopefully soon, the world will be a rainbow again.


  4. Natasha Says:

    i get a lot of grief for wearing black, but i don't see why you can't wear lots of black and still be colourful on the inside! :P

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  6. i remember those colourful barbie dresses of yours, and that pony with shimmering tail, and your shining magic wand.. haha. you were like this cousin who lived in another world of fantasy (and your fiction books didn't help either.) :p

    sometimes i can't decide which colour is my favourite too (and it's annoying especially when you're shopping for clothes.) they all look good kan? i guess that's why i love rainbow. because i want to have them all. ;)

  7. DiN Says:

    i thought u only knew black and red?

  8. I love your writings. Its so pleasant to read. I somehow still never able to give a comment thats not off topic tho. strange. but sometimes, like today, i'd just leave one cause..well....the thought that counts...haha.

    oh. i'm colorblind when it comes to clothes. i stick to simple colours. black.. grey..dark colours that goes with black and grey...

  9. amal Says:

    i used to like blue so much.. i grew up and then i liked black...

    i grew up more and turned to red...

    didn't like red anymore, so started on pink...still love it until now

    i guess purple got in the way after that... and it stayed for long..

    now trying to change to green..or probably orange-ish..

    life is full of colours eh? hehhe..

  10. hey senior back in su.
    found you through ms j's blog.what a coincidence huh.hehe..cheers.

  11. A long time back when i was awee lad ...I was actually shocked to learn that some people actually dreamt in Black and White

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