Miss Aida
All I can hear is the rain. All I can see are the rocks in front of me.

My physical strength is at its peak, almost ebbing at two thousand eight hundred odd metres above sea level, and nearing the finale of a nine hour trek. The rain has been pouring for three hours and showing no signs of stopping and it is getting dark. I am cold and wet, drenched despite the thin raincoat I wore.

I sit on a rock, exhausted, reaching of a piece of chocolate and I cast my eyes behind, seeing him slowly make his way up to where I am.

Both of us not knowing where the end was, and climbing up with the remnants of our energy. The remnants of energy and a blind hope that something would soon appear behind the bend, a sanctuary where we could finally rest and regain some warmth. He had been a tower of strength, the most reliable of rocks, and I am glad for his company.

However, at the moment, his face mirrored the exhaustion I feel, and I know he was suffering much more than I was, for he wore no protective covering, no raincoat, and had no shelter from the relentless rain. Soaked through and through, and I worry for his state. It was nine degrees and the horrifying thought of hypothermia has flashed through my head more than once.

I pat the ground beside me and he sat. Both of us in silence, for a little while, recovering our energy for the unknown trek ahead.

Then he spoke. “For some reason, I can’t stop thinking about her.”

It is funny what the mind is like. Freezing, tired and hungry, sitting in the dark with the rain pelting down and his thoughts were of her.

A love story. Or perhaps a love lost.

My heart almost breaks for him. I know not the situation, or perhaps I know the situation more than I want to know. All I know is that I wish for his happiness, and it was a wish that I cannot fulfil. His demons are his own and his angels are his own as well.

I no longer think about the rocks ahead, and I no longer think of the rain.

All I see is a man with his heart exposed, vulnerable and raw. In those few words, so much was conveyed. And despite his pain, he has the strength to move forward, and it is a lesson I bring with me today.

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  1. that's very touching, i can almost feel the cold rain on my face as i read your post. beautiful.

    i hope he came to a solution with that girl he is thinking of .

    bite that chocolate slowly, aida.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    am jealous u went up mt. kinabalu!!!

  3. DiN Says:

    waa...panjat kinabalu seh!! jelesnye!! takpe2, nanti I pegi gak! btw, what happen?

  4. Pudtz Says:

    Hello, my friend. I miss you. How was the Kinabalu climb? And the engagement ceremony? Hope all is well, that you and your family are happy and in good health. Have a Happy New Year :)

    P.S: Drop by my blog sometime. I would like some feedback on certain matters.

  5. aLz Says:

    you said it.

    he's a MAN.

    not a boy.

  6. Pudtz Says:

    Although I have emailed some of you personally with this plea, not much has happened. Therefore I saw the necessity of actually blogging about this. I need people who have my old blog addresses to please update their bookmarks. I guess it's my own fault for moving around so much. At least I have resolved the issue with those who have http://troublewithtash.blogspot.com, by redirecting it here.

    Unfortunately, for those who have my even OLDER blog address, tash-in-between, I can't do anything about. It hasn't been my address for quite a long while. So long, in fact, that blogger somehow deemed it fit to allow a porno-advertisement site to go up on that address. Which means that anyone clicking links that still go to tash-in-between.blogspot.com now get an eyeful. I am being MISREPRESENTED!

    So people, please. It's http://pudtz.blogspot.com now. Update your bookmarks! Help stop the misrepresentation of Natasha "Pudtz" A.!!!

  7. selamat hari raya aidiladha and happy new year, aida. hope you'll have a great one. i pray good things for you. take care ya? :)

  8. LaiLy Says:

    salam aidiladha & happy new year, miss aida! hope everything will be swell this year :)

  9. When a man is hurt deep, it is almost certain that nobody would want to know. A man will move on as if there's nothing happened. For you to see and understand that in a man, is very rare..

  10. how's 501. are you taking the red sofa with u?

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