Miss Aida
Surreal, the way the world is. Strands of reality intertwined with fantasy, and so easy to confuse which is which.

My actions seem like a parallel of the truth, or is my truth a reflection of my actions. It feels real, but not, but real. The steps I take match my heartbeat, to the beat of the kompang. The walk down with the man who keeps my heart, with the train of people who will acommpany this procession to the stage.

It is a celebration.

It is a wedding.

I am struck at how public it is, at how the people on the streets of Melbourne stop to look and stare at the colourful costumes, the bunga mangga, the rhythm of the kompang. I am amused to realise that both he and I are the centre of attention, amused that I did not quite realise the implications of our actions. Poignant, but emotion is laced with irony and secrets are secrets.

Here is our love on display, for the whole of Melbourne, and ironically among strangers that we have never known and will probably never see again.

Surreal, how the world it. And the strands of fantasy will slowly break and leave behind the truth. But even that is hidden.

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  1. karina Says:

    congratulations sweetie!!!

  2. I saw the pictures in mama's inbox. Why are you wering black? For a wedding, that's wayy too morbid.

  3. aLz Says:

    somehow this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside although marriage is something that used to not exist in my vocab.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    amir should've cut his hair b4 wearing the songkok.
    waste lah i missed it. damn exam!!


  5. Dania Says:

    Ah, so that explains the long absence.

    May today till the end of time shall be an eventful journey for the two of you.

    Congratulations newlyweds :)

  6. LOL...

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. We're not really married. It was part of a Malaysian cultural exhibition in Melbourne called Fiesta Malaysia, and we were part of the 'wedding ceremony'.

  7. adz Says:

    Coutning the days till you'll be home! :D

  8. Tash Says:

    Very pretty ceremony. Sorry I missed it. Always the 'pengapit', never the 'pengantin'? Hahaha...

  9. well "explicit swearing". I actually thought that you had really gotten married.

  10. i was about to say the same thing as miza but now that she said it, i'll just say that i'm glad to see you happy with amir. :)

    and i so like your shoes. ;)

  11. Well, it had to be black because the organizers couldn't find proper matching clothes for us, so the only suitable matching colours the two of us had was black.

  12. amal Says:

    I know what you know! ^_^
    Well, thanks for your help. Wouldn't be even half the fun without you guys parading along Swanston St. LOL.

  13. Iyraes Says:

    i missed it damnit! i demand that the two of u parade down jalan ampang when u guys get back. mesti. tau.

  14. LaiLy Says:

    hahha, for awhile there i thought u were seriously getting hitched. pretty songket, i loike! tho it gives a whole new definition to modern baju kawen :D anyway, both 'groom' and 'bride' looked good together. insya Allah til the end of time eh? :)

  15. Wait a second... you're married now?

  16. I spoke too soon. Should have read the comments area first. Remind me to check the barrel first before firing the trigger, next time.

  17. priya Says:

    Ha, I got confused...again :P

    You both look very cute though :D

  18. chics Says:

    ahh. you are married!!!mengapakah sukar untuk ku percaya?

    chop. oh you were not actualy married. haih.hampir tertipu.

    anyway, i hope one day u will..uou know with your sweetie :)

  19. I seriously thought you got married! LOL! Anyway.. hi. I think you're my senior from SU. You look so very familiar.

    And I see other familiar faces here too. Fatimah and Aliaa Awatif are my schoolies back in Ipoh.

    Oh boy it is a small world. LOL!

  20. Wow.

    Get married for real already! ;)

  21. ein Says:

    aida suka la barang kat poisoned apple
    kalau nak order from malaysia boleh ke?? boleh hantar sini
    payment mcm mana?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I thought you were married. I was about to pass this on to my smsu friends.

    Are you guys an item? - rocket queen machine

  23. bodicea Says:

    for some reasons, the couple in the pictures reminded me of something heartwarming and personal in an uncanny way.

    not sure if it's a good thing or not.

    congrats all the same

  24. diana Says:

    hahahah wah! I thought you really got married there! =)

  25. vadis Says:

    Hi, from Indonesia!
    To Miss... eh, no, Mrs. Aida!

    Congratulations on your marriage!


  26. DiN Says:

    I thought you were married too!! pandai buat joke ye! :p

  27. Seriously, wearing black for the wedding. And showing it to the public is just making them confuse of the culture...


    Anyway, nice photos.

  28. Ally Says:


    black seems too..odd for a wedding. kinda like mourning for your dead ex-husband.

    p/s: i thought it was a real wedding! lol. when are you ACTUALLY getting married tho?

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