Miss Aida
Hello old friend.

We sit down together planning our weddings.

Our weddings. That is a huge prospect.

I am touched at the prospect, that despite the long years passing, despite the distances we faced at times, we still managed to keep in touch. A bond as strong as it was yesterday, and perhaps even stronger, despite different friendship groups and different loves, different passions and different paths, we persevered through it all.

We talk about us, the children playing under the tables in our imaginary world of castles and monsters and now look at the adults we are, ready to take the plunge of married life. Who would’ve thought? Who indeed?

We giggle like insane little kids, chatter absolute nonsense and make strange sounds liable to trigger a laughing fit or two. Put us near each other and our facades of maturity fade into that easy camaraderie of two individuals who have known each other forever and can be absolutely silly about it. We ignore the glances and affectionate comments of our fianc├ęs, but hey, we were together before they came into the picture. Before love came into the picture.

We’ve come a long way, old friend.

Who would’ve thought? The kid with the oversized pink plastic glasses and a constant runny nose and the mouthy kid with the stick straight hair and the “I never want to get married and have children” mindset made it through.

Right to this moment.

And I’m glad we did.
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  1. I'm glad that the both of you are getting married! I'm so excited for the wedding!

  2. i feel like i'm not yet a grown-up reading this, because i am nowhere near your level yet we are at the same age. but good luck! :D

  3. DiN Says:

    can i see the picture of yours with oversized pink plastic glasses? hahaha! don't get married without me around!

  4. This is so beautiful. It is indescribably sweet how old friends eventually marry each other. Wonderful, just wonderful. I wish all the happiness that the world can give to the both of you.

  5. Iyra Says:

    haha she's not getting married to her old friend lah silly!

  6. Pudtz Says:
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  7. dania Says:

    The best person to get married to is your bestfriend.

    This is definately good news.

    One that everyone anticipates for the most eventful occassion in your life.:)

    All the best!

  8. Haha.. I'm not getting married to my best friend.

    I'm getting married, and then my best friend's getting married. Huhu.

  9. ooh ooh... he's getting married too? LOL. anyhoo, hopefully melbourne is treating you well...

  10. I hear wedding bells! congratulations miss aida :)

  11. I am really, really, really happy for you :D :D

  12. nadia Says:

    happy wedding...

    mine is not.

  13. i so remember that oversized pink plastic glasses and of course, the famous runny nose. but it made you different and unique and in some ways, special. and i loved having you around for that. :)

  14. Wish you a Happy Married Life.


  15. Wish you a Happy Married Life.


    By the way, when la?

  16. violet the witch Says:

    wooooo something completely outa my league... i can't say much except congrats...

  17. Natasha Says:

    So, I'm "the mouthy kid with the stick straight hair"! Huhu!

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