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I always find it interesting how time passes you by so quickly, especially when you have a hundred and one things to do. Little things pile up when you don’t notice, letters to write, things to do, a promised email to something not quite there, and before you know it deadlines are passed and apologies are given. Oh no oh no.

Emotion is wack. It twists and turns you and puts you on the most incredible highs and lows, and all within the boundary of your mind.

I get annoyed sometimes with how Islam is portrayed. The actual religion, pure as it is, is a wonderful thing, and despite the darkness that I am and the sins that I have done, I can still appreciate a good thing when I see one. However, it pisses me off to no end when some ignorant bastard runs off his mouth about religion. What’s the deal with wishing someone a Happy Deepavali? The thing about Islam in Malaysia, especially, is that is a whisper of the real thing. It is a farce carried out by a majority of individuals who have intertwined the religion with their culture and the narrow confines of their mind. It is a ritualistic thing, as opposed to a way of life, and I am ashamed to say that I had to leave Malaysia before I could realise that, and every time I hear the small things that make outsiders question the religion, I feel like shooting the ministry. I really do.

Raya is around the corner. Wahey! I want to bake cookies. I miss home, a little bit, but I have enough here to keep me busy. I wish I could be home for the sake of my sisters. Khairun especially, knowing what she has to go through, but that’s another story tucked into the deep recesses of family feuds and scandals, and god knows my family has enough of those tucked away for me to have enough material to write one of those family trilogy type books about the seemingly perfect families with the dark pasts.

I am going to Geelong and am quite looking forward to it. Firstly I get to see Nat and secondly, I get to go dancing! I haven’t been out for a long, long time, and part of it is because of my respect for him, because I know he doesn’t like it, but another part of me misses the whole shebang. So he said, “Go, enjoy,” and I will.

On another note, I honestly believe that my boss has no idea how to run a business. Really, truly, really, truly. She’s like a child at times, changing my hours, changing my pay, changing the way the business is run, and I am honestly relieved to be on casual hours; if I were there any longer I would probably be rolling my eyes behind her back the same way the other girls do.

Now that’s what happens when you let yourself write down the first things that come you’re your head. Cheerio.

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  1. The whole Deepavali/Selamat Hari Raya/Deeparaya thing has been dragged on since last year, I think.

    This year it's taken a turn for the worse, I know. The really sad thing about it is that most Malaysian Muslims fall for it hook, line and sinker. It's not even a matter of fanaticism, even. It's just plain gullibility.

    Oh well, things happen, I suppose.

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Aida. Hope you have a good one.

  2. Tash Says:

    AIDA! I am sooooo sorry that the Geelong plans didn't work out. It's just such a busy weekend and it really sucked that we couldn't work around all that.

    I will definitely try to make it up to you somehow, hon! Promise.

  3. heh. i think ive lived in msia long enough to feel honestly disgusted by the majority of traditional malay thinkers. funny how they get mixed up with religion and culture. pfft.

    anyway, happy raya. mine's gonna suck, but hey, i'm cool.

    'Happy families with dark pasts.'

    heh. no one understands better than I do.

  4. LaiLy Says:

    Selamat hari raya, aida. Maaf zahir batin :)

  5. and i like it better! more straight forward. =)

  6. Oreos Says:

    hope you enjoyed raya :)

  7. elia Says:

    hey aida ... selamat hari raya .. maaf zahir batin ..

  8. Yeay, another one who sees the way i do :p
    the world sucks and i'm an infidel.

    deeparaya again this year was it?
    alot of people made noise of it last year.

  9. oh, and happy hari raya, darling! maaf zahir batin tau. you take care there~ :-*

  10. priya Says:

    i know it's a bit lambat, but selamat hari raya! :)

    (am trying to avoid a discussion about the whole m'sia thing, cos as a minority citizen of the country, it both depresses and scares me, and don't want either emotion right now)

    btw, i'm in melbourne right now! for no good reason :P

  11. dania Says:

    Belated Selamat Hari Raya :)

    Yeah,I just hate it when people use religion as an excuse for something. Trying to represent the religion as something so uptight when it is actually nothing like it. And when they get extreme, that's even worst, they tend to contradict what they thought Islam is about.

    Can't people just..live life without having restraining orders, because I don't remember Islam being so oppressive as it is being portrayed today.

    Anyhoo, hopefully you're having fun. You sounded like you deserve all those happy days all over again :)

  12. acrosscontinent Says:

    assalamualaikum to my dear aida,
    funny how people gets angry over this sort of thing, they burn flags, they wrote articles et cetera...but take one look at them and you will have no idea that they are muslims.
    yes, I know dear, that people have their own idea about religion. and i know that many will bash me for my apparently insensitive comment. you said that you love islam in its purest form. but you also said that you sinned a lot, which saddens me. you don't love something but at the same time your action spoke otherwise.
    forgive me if my comment hurts. i just couldn't bear to see a fellow muslim malaysian in australia sinking deeper and deeper and horrendously into the lifestyle there and getting further and further away from ISlam. Yes aida, you can claim that you still pray five times a day. you can claim that you never drink, you just go to parties etc. but islam is not just about not drinking and praying five times a day. i beg you, if you truly, truly love islam...please find a way to learn and practice it fully. pray for your friend across the continent, for she is a daily sinner herself, who is trying to improve day by day. i pray that you will find the true meaning of love in islam soon. ameen.

  13. faiz Says:

    aida. where are you!!?

    by the way, whoever you are, i am sure you mean well, but i can assure you aida is very passionate about her religion ... without being self-righteous and demeaning to others.

    the world is a lot bigger than islam you know

  14. "...It is a ritualistic thing, as opposed to a way of life..."

    Did that come from a Salleh Abas judgement, from the case of Che Omar Che Soh? Very familiar wordings.

    And to whomever Ms Anonymous (yes, I will ignorantly assume that you're female) is two comments above mine (right above Faiz's), I say this: mind your own business.

    To each his or her own. That line of logic nicely extends to the personal observation of one's own faith as well.

    I believe in the sanctity of Islam, and like Aida, in it's purity as well. Never would I want anything to taint its principles. But as to whether I follow it on a personal basis or not, it is my prerogative completely, and it is not up to you to judge who I am and what I do.

    Well, I know you're improving by the day and becoming a better person and whatnot, which of course makes you a holier creature than us all -- Obviously, I'm jealous of the fact that you're radiating white light and I'm not.

    Oh, and Aida? I want my duit raya. And your homebaked cookies. Fax them over to me ASAP. Before my Hari Raya mood dissipates. Nyam nyam.

  15. karina Says:

    haven't been around for a while.. just wanted to wish you a selamat hari raya, while it's still Syawal!

  16. Religion is obviously one of the most controversial topics, and also one of the most personal things for an individual. It is always a learning process, and like everyone else, I'm still on that learning curve.

    Appreciate the comments guys. There's always room for improvement. :)

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