Miss Aida
Do not be afraid of the stars that call out to you, for you have within you the greatness to become one of them. To sparkle with the strength that comes from within, to be with the greats of the world.

Some are born into greatness, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. You and I, we have that greatness within and the potential to reach that. The seeds of greatness are your actions, the paths you take, and the only thing that holds you back is fear.

Fear of failure? Of rejection?

It is almost funny how one of the most significant quotes that come to mind originates from a web-slinging, spandex clad guy. With great power comes great responsibility. Perhaps people fear the responsibility that sits on their shoulders. Fear clouds the ability to take that challenge, to climb that mountain, to change the course of that action for the fear that things will crash and burn.

Do not fear the challenges that come to you. They make you stronger, so meet them head on. There are so many who have that strength, that ability to take something and make it great but choose to pass it by, or to deny their abilities, all by the virtue of a mistaken doctrine and a different mindset.

Self doubt and self deprecation.

This trait seems to be prevalent in the Malay society, the trait of putting down one’s own abilities. Humility and the potential of achieving greatness are not necessarily conflicting spheres, and unfortunately most Malays don’t seem to be able to distinguish that. Many I have met believe in the virtue of being satisfied with what one has, and not trying to better themselves, and it is this complacency that frustrates me the most.

Here is my prayer.

May you rise up, and throw off that shroud that drags you down. May you walk down and embrace the challenges you meet, and take your life in your hands, and become the person who I can see inside, the person with the potential to be a mover and a shaker. May you rise up and achieve greatness.
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  1. the witch Says:

    i like this. its like a prayer for all of us depressed suicidal maniacs. haha.

    ps: how the hell did you get your blogdrive template to your at blogspot? i like blogspot templates but it doesnt work at blogdrive. damn.

  2. Miza~ Says:

    "Some are born into greatness, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them"

    Did you by any chance watch She's the Man? haha.

  3. I did watch She's the Man. Twice!

    And the Witch, I got a friend to do it. She's very good. ^_^

  4. Anonymous Says:

    such traits amongst the Malays can play no tricks on me! :)

    thewailer here...couldn't post under blogger :(

  5. Anonymous Says:

    the malay thing, it's very true. some peopl juz dont wanna reach for "that greatness" when they have the potential.

    maybe they like the way they are rite now. maybe they're juz plain lazy. whatever it is, it's a waste. n we expect malay to "maju"?

    p/s: aida, i can put my comment under my bloggger ID. y? i think some people is facing the same peoblem?


  6. Hey Shaq,

    I'm using Blogger Beta. That's why, for the moment you can't make comments under the blogger ID. Try it later.

  7. axuerra Says:

    miss aida, are these ur words? :) because they remind of those encouragement cards from hallmraks..stuff like bookmarks and such..hehe..ever thought of changing career paths?.. :P

  8. Anonymous Says:

    we are fated. I was feeling down, lost n insecure before i read this very inspiring piece. I needed an answer, n He gave it to me through you. =) All praises to The Almighty..

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