Miss Aida
I've caught the lazy bug, which explains the lack of updates. Shocking really, the amount of time one can waste staring at the computer screen playing computer games. Maybe it's time to admit that I may be more of a gamer than I thought. That said, I've never quite said I wasn't.

Is it truly a waste of time when you enjoy wasting it? I'm quite happy doing nothing. It's a new thing. I'm happy working on a project of sorts, but the thought of my future being busy and chaotic with no time for myself, as expected from a medical student makes me even happier to sit down and appreciate the time I can spend doing absolutely nothing.

That said, Nat and I have been working on a special project. We've always wanted to become designers, and this is our attempt at actually starting up something. Hence, Poison'd Apples was born, brainchild of two broke and bored people with a love for drawing. Unfortunately, the site only accepts credit cards at the moment, but if you've got a credit card and some cash to spare, check us out - we appreciate every little bit of support!

Unique and  deliciously wicked designs!

Thanks for the support!

Pleasure only starts once the worm has got into the fruit, to become delightful happiness must be tainted with poison.

4 Responses
  1. LaiLy Says:

    hey aida. God, where did u find the time to actually design?? but they are fabulous :D maybe u could leave a hint or two to amal for my sake :D

    p/s - happy fasting :)

  2. the witch Says:

    i love your designs. Love the name too. When I have extra cash I will buy a tanky. :)

  3. bodicea Says:

    dammit woman, USD?? :(

  4. priya Says:

    gorgeous stuff! but i agree, why la USD? mampus my wallet :P

    how did you get this started up anyways? cos i've been dying to do some of my own stuff as well :)

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