Miss Aida
Commonwealth Games. Opening night ceremony.

In spirit of the being there in the host country, the lot of us made our way down to the river banks to take part in the festivities. Watching the boats float on the waters of the Yarra, before making our way to the front of a big screen television to watch the opening ceremony.

As we sat on the cold floor of the Exhibition building, I was struck at the picture of unity we presented. Sixteen odd Malaysians, complete with Malaysian flag in tow, and how we cheered our lungs out at the sign of the Malaysian contingent.

It is times like these; that even as students living overseas, that we forget our differences and come together as Malaysians. United in the spirit of the moment, we stand as one, embracing our country in all its strengths and flaws.

I have met enough individuals who have come abroad, and compared their country of study with our home country, and they sometimes start to disassociate themselves with Malaysia. They seem ashamed to admit their origin, to the extent that they do not wish to acknowledge any connection to it at all, and their prejudice sickens me.

Strangely enough, the Malaysians I have met in Australia who have migrated here are far more proud of the fact that they are from Malaysia, as opposed to certain students who have come, and end up thinking they are far more superior to the average Malaysian, simply because they had the opportunity to study abroad.

Remember your roots, for maybe one day they will wind up and strangle you.
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