Miss Aida
These are times of peace. At least for most of the developed world. Wars are fought in front of computer screens. People walk on, engrossed in their personal lives whilst reading about the fate of the worlds in the news, the Internet, through mediums, becoming more and more removed from the harsh realities of the world. No longer able to truly relate to the struggles of the world.


In these times of so-called peace, people grow fat and weak and content, wrapped up in the trivialities of their own lives, content with mediocrity. People losing their sense of community, becoming more and more focussed on a sense of individuality, chasing aspirations and dreams with little regard to the betterment of society.

Science starting to disregard ethics.
People hoard their wealth while their children grow greedy and unscrupulous and the gap between the rich and poor becomes larger than it ever has before.

And while all this happens, social constructs are advancing and red tape starts becoming a whole new dimension, and means start justifying lies, and all sense of goodness is becoming a lot more lost in the whole plastic generation we are becoming, and the people who have core values and their head screwed on straight are content on becoming good people in their lifetimes while politicians smile fake smiles and continue building this strange, new, corrupted world.

As I walk these streets, I scan the faces of the crowd, wondering what their characters are like. Who will crack under the pressure? Who are those souls with strength ingrained in themselves, those who, given the chance, reveal the ability to command armies into battles, to make tough decisions under pressure, to be respected by whole communities and nations, but instead continue to walk the paths of their lives as time passes them by.

We need leaders. Those heroes of old, the knights that would lead their armies, emblazoned with nothing less than a sense of patriotism and courage and justice. We need leaders who will change the fate of the world, not run it into its grave.
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