Miss Aida
Melbourne and it's fluctuating weather. Only in Melbourne would you get a high of 32 with blue skies and sunshine one day, and 17 with cold showers the next. Hmph.

The advantages of being a uni student, sometimes, is the freedom to go where the wind takes you. On that marvelous golden day, when we were struck with the urge to hit the beach, we upped and went. No questions asked. No long and lengthy contemplation, no quibbling about timing, no questions. We just went.

Even more fun was the fact that we literally went where the wind took us. The choice of the designated beach spot was totally random, influenced only by the tram that passed by us. And there we were, four uni students in our beach gear and towels, on a tram we had never been on before. We had been on the tram for 15 minutes before I asked the fateful question.

"Does anyone know where we're supposed to get off?"
Blank stares. Shrugs.

One of my worst habits is the need to be in control of everything. I swear, I'm a tad bit obsessive compulsive. I always worry about being on time, I need to know what plans we're making ahead of time, and I always need to know that everyone has a vague idea of the place we're headed to.

The fact that no one knew where we were going, how we were getting there, and that this was all a generally very unplanned excursion did not sit well. However, as I was getting antsy and contemplating making my way through the packed tram to the front in order to ask the driver for directions, Liz pointed out the most welcome sight I could have seen at that moment.

Glistening blue waters and white sands ahead. South Melbourne Beach.

It wasn't a bad beach, to my surprise. I baked in the sun, quite happily, with my lecture notes and my camera, while Liz, Hugh and James splashed around in the cold waters. It was a great day, including my narrow escape from James' and Hugh's intention of bodily picking me up and unceremoniously dumping me in the water. We laughed, we ate ice cream in the sun, I walked along the waves lapping on the shore and took videos.

We had an awesome time. And it felt all the more amazing for the fact that it was just a spontaneous decision to do it, in the middle of the day, and that I was forced to leave behind the remainder of my control issues, and just go with the flow, regardless of knowing the whats and wheres and whens. And I never felt more relaxed.

***** UPDATE ******

And today is Ramadhan. Happy fasting everyone. :)
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