Miss Aida
This weekend flew by. Bittersweet.

Ormond College had it's Valedictory Dinner on Friday night. It was an emotionally charged night for me. It marked, quite possibly, my last formal event in Ormond as a college student. I wish I could stay, but circumstances suggest otherwise. I think Hugh picked up on my underlying emotional state as well, and kept telling me how sad it was. I'm going to miss not being that boy's neighbour anymore. I think the one regret I have about being a college student this year is not doing more. As I listened to the awards being given, and the speeches, and the contributions to college people had done, I felt regret that I didn't do more. Regret because I knew I was capable of making a difference. And regret that I didn't.

I had doubts about making it to the smoko that night. I definitely did have doubts. It was the first night of Ramadhan. Where most Muslims would be spending the night doing tarawih prayers, I would be spending a large portion at a party. A party where the alcohol would be free flowing, where the boundaries of a Muslim's limits would be tested.

I went because it was quite possibly the last smoko I'd attend as a college student. Despite the internal conflict I went through, I made the decision to attend that smoko. I had the normal amount of fun as I usually do, although this time round, my enjoyment was tinged with sadness. I'm glad I did, because I was there to say my goodbyes, in a way. I'm glad I did, because I knew I wouldn't be able to re-live these days, days of my wildness and my freedom and my lack of responsibilities. I'm glad I did, because I was able to be there with Molly when she broke down over him.

Too old, too jaded, too fast.

Both Hugh and Liz had friends over, so a large part of the weekend was spent on going out. Those late nights, minimal sleep, taxing activities.. When we dropped by Hugh's room so he could pick up his wallet, and I dodged into my room to get mine, it didn't surprise me to find everyone sprawled all over the room in various positions, asleep. They were so incredibly exhausted from the activities of the weekend that they had just literally fallen asleep on the floor, the chair, the bed and wherever else they could find room to lie down on.

I guess all that partying caught up with them in the end. I had a quiet night in, that night, spending it curled up with a book.

They recovered in time for Pickenfest on Sunday, though. Pickenfest is a huge, outdoor concert held in Ormond, and performed by Ormondians. It's an awesome deal, because Ormond is a college that places huge emphasis on music, and there are heaps of talented musicians in college, as evidenced by the amazing performances we had yesterday. The turnout was huge, helped out by the amazing weather, and the free food and drink.

Oh what challenges a fasting Muslim goes through. Sigh. The free fairy floss had me drooling, and watching everyone grab for the free pizza and Red Bull was tempting me. I found it easier than I thought I would have, though. I just concentrated on the music, and had a great day despite all the obstacles I had to face.

I will miss all this.
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