Miss Aida
Thank god the weather is finally starting to look up. Summer definitely seems to be a not-so distant possibility now. The sun occasionally makes an appearance, there air is definitely warmer than the winter chill we Melbournians have been subjected to for the past months, and everyone's starting to venture out in beach gear.

In lieu of the good weather, we ended up organizing a weekend picnic. One of the best parts about Melbourne are the well-kept parks for public use. A sanctuary in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. The particular park we ended up at was a 5-minute walk from college, which is convenient when you're lugging heaps of things.

I napped parts of the afternoon, secure in the company of friends I knew would take care of me. The sun was warm on my face. It was one of those lazy, laidback afternoons where time seemed to trickle ever so slowly in the best way possible. An afternoon filled with easy chatter of friends who had all the time in the world.

We were young and unfettered by the responsibilities of adults. We had time to kill, and the lazy, stagnant air of the evening made it seem as if we were caught in a moment in time. Frozen, crystallized, captured in the peak of our youth at that very moment, in all our glory and confidence and immaturity. We are barely tainted with the blush of adulthood, individuals all supremely confident with the naive invincibility of youth. It seemed as if Father Time did not touch us that day, and we were all the more comfortable with that.

We had fun in all our trash-talking glory. And as the sun set, and we too made our way back to college, and our slow, winding day came to an end. We basked in the warm glow of dusk, each unwilling to let go of that languid, lazy feeling. Unwilling to fast forward to the normal pace of life. And so we sat. And waited for life to pass us by.

Here's to a laidback weekend.
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