Miss Aida
My ears are still ringing. The adrenaline rush is still keeping me on my feet, although barely. And I can't wipe this stupid grin off my face, neither can I stop singing along to the haunting lyrics of Endlessly. That had to be the best concert of my life.

Nevermind we had to walk halfway in the rain to get to the Melbourne Festival Hall. Liz and I were so excited, we were bouncing with excitement. It seems to be the custom with concerts that one should arrive at least an hour earlier than the times stated on tickets; when we rocked up we joined a 5 metre long line, and that was only through one of the doors. I was apprehensive finding out that we would be body checked, and I really wanted to smuggle in my camera. There was no way in hell I wanted to walk into that concert hall without a camera. Never mind the fact that the ticket very clearly stated that no cameras were allowed.

The opening band was good enough to get me in the mood for a good, old rock concert, although they made the cardinal sin of playing for much too long than they should have. Still, I was right up front. Hanging on one row behind the rail. I could see almost everything, when I angled my head between the gaps of the tall people in front of me. I could feel the excitement radiating from everyone around me; exchanging conspiratorial grins with neighbouring fans and joining in happily with all the chanting that ensued.

We were all getting a bit impatient.. and then Muse arrived. Chaos erupted. God, they were so much better than they were on the CDs. They are the most amazing band live. I couldn't stop singing along to the songs I knew at the top of my lungs, oblivious to the people surrounding me, moshing along and totally rocking out with the band. I am at a loss for words to describe the night.

It was the wildest crowd I've ever been in though. The audience was insane; I was swept along in the huge seething mass of humanity, caught in the surge of mad fans clamouring to get closer, jumping up and down between the sweaty bodies in the crowd, trying not to lose my balance. And the band itself? I'm speechless. They are an amazing band to see live. They sound exactly the way they sound on their CDs, only better. And Matt Bellamy's voice is amazing. I don't know how he sings the way he does, but it sends chills down my spine.

Matt Bellamy. *swoon*

The atmosphere was electric, and some people really got into the whole crazy fan routine. There was one part where this guy tried fighting his way to the front. I swear, he was just mad. Or high on something. He was literally elbowing people out of the way, and when he got to me, it was physically impossible for anyone to move anywhere. He tried forcing his way through, but the girl beside me and I wouldn't have anything to do with it. Chicks are tougher than they look. He had his elbow jabbing into my neck for 5 whole minutes, and after I had enough of it, I scratched my nails into his arm. Satisfaction. That will teach him to mess with me. He just kept trying though..

I couldn't believe how wild he was. The guy on my other side offered to let me move beside him, but I declined. I just didn't want to let Mr. Psycho win. After getting told off by three girls, including myself, he got a bit abusive, and his friend had to drag him away. If I had more room, or heels, I would've punched him in the face, or kicked him where it hurt. There's concert etiquette, and an attitude like that spoils it for everyone.

Other from that little setback near the end, that had to be the best concert I've ever been to! Ah... Muse.
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