Miss Aida
I admit it. I'm a romantic. I'm a sucker for romance novels. Yeah, that's right. Romance novels. Despite my occasional angry, darker impulses, sometimes I crave the warmth of something as simple as love, even if it is through the writings of another. For an hour or so, I lose myself in the world of a woman who's in love, and I connect with the emotions that the character goes through.

It's not rocket science, but I don't care. Some people don't understand my obsession for romance novels. Why not? It's the closest thing to imaginary love that a woman gets to. In a way, it's just as difficult to write as any other novel. It's difficult because I think the author has to thread the line between being cheesy and being genuinely romantic. The best novels I've read have left my filled with a sense of love for the world and population in general, and leaves me thinking that the world is a much nicer place.

It's not as far as boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Mutual attraction, followed by spontaneous combustion and declarations of love. Within all this, weaved throughout every plot, there's a character there that I can identify with. A woman who's afraid to love, a woman forced to choose between truth and love, a woman who's had to face her fears. I understand as much as everyone else that love can be a very scary thing. And sometimes I wish I had the same courage as half the characters in my romance novels have. Maybe that's why romance novels are so popular; because some women like to lose themselves in the fantasy of the perfect guy, who despite being flawed and human, is able to love them for who they are.

I don't confuse the love within the pages of my books as the prime example for real relationships. Real relationships are different. There's more work done. And although there are those lucky few who have found love and recognized it for what it is, and followed it through, not everyone is lucky enough to do so. Not everyone will realise the meaning of love. Sometimes love is taken for granted, and sometimes love needs to be worked on. But between the pages I read, I escape in a world where love is always pure, and always true... and for a little while, I believe.

Talk to me after I have read a good romance novel, and I will be the sweetest, most well-tempered individual I can be. Talk to me after a good romance novel and I will be at my softest and most feminine. Talk to me after a good romance novel and I will be full of smiles, bubbliness and charm.

What can I say? Sometimes one just needs a little romance in their lives.
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