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Murphy's Law dictates that whenever you have to knuckle down and do some studying, you will be innundated with invitations and plans of the sort. And so I was.

The Wednesday night exploring that little bit of Melbourne we had never really explored before turned out to be a really good night. I was initially skeptical, considering the pub had it's entrance tucked away in some little alley off the main street, but FFour ended up being a really nice place to hang out at. Pei, Kirsty, Sam, Katie, Louie and I had decided to make the most of not going to the Play Gala Night and have a night out instead. We had arrived a bit earlier than the crowd, which meant we got prime seats. Also, I got to witness real-life speed dating. I've read about the speed dating technique, where several couples rotate around and have a certain amount of time together to talk and figure out their compatability. I pity the couple who got allocated the seat nearest to us though, as soon as a new partner came, all six of us would unashamedly, uncontrollably swivel our heads and give them the stare-down. Not on purpose, but we did it anyway! I liked the live DJ, and considering we were out in a big group, we even did the fresher dance on the dance floor. I bet by the end of this year, we'll have introduced the fresher dance to every single pub or club we've gone to. Heh. That would be interesting.

Argh. And turning up as Raiyan's guest for her stepping down ceremony from Melbourne Uni's Overseas Student Union ended up being more than I bargained for. I was looking forward to some good food, meaning to turn up for a little support for my friend, and that was really about it. I was impressed though, at the whole setup. We were mingling with some of the student leaders on the international scene of campus. Big names like the ex-vice chancellor and leaders in student politics and the like. I have to admit to feeling a bit awed by the whole thing. Good time to schmooze. Not that I need contacts exactly, considering that I'm not involved in much.

Anyway, I was enjoying the performance bit, as several committee members showcased their respective talents. I did not, however, expect to have the announcer pick me up from the audience to take part in a dance competition! I blame Nik's whole 'You-should-see-her-she's-a-really-good-dancer' spiel to one of our friends in the committee. Apparently, when the announcer walked up to me and stood behind me, I just froze. Nik claims she should have taken a picture of the shocked look on my face. It was a priceless moment. And the first words out of my mouth were, "You have GOT to be kidding."

No he wasn't kidding.

So that's how I ended up in front of over 200 people, a person who absolutely hates attention drawn to herself, dancing with a complete stranger. I blame Fabian, one of my friends who was a total sport about being caught in the spotlight a couple of weeks back. If it wasn't for him, there was no way in hell I would have gone up onstage. It was surreal. I still can't believe it was me up there. Unfortunately, Nik has a video to prove it. Argh. Oh well. I figure I'm definitely not going to see three quarters of the people at that function again.

Spent a large part of the day today teaching some people how to play Mafia. And I think I've infected some people with Mafia fever. I can't get over the fact that I keep getting killed so early in the game, it's frustrating when I know I can help and I can't do anything about it. Heh. I'll be back.

I just came back from watching Hugh in the Ormond play. I'm so proud of him - his acting was really good! I'm pleasantly surprised with the way the play's turned out, it's one of the funniest things I've seen for ages. All that and I've still got proper studying to do for my Monday quiz. Argh!
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