Miss Aida
There's nothing quite as relaxing as stepping out from a hot shower and just sitting around. The warmth of the hot spray still lingers with me. Sitting in front of the laptop wrapped up in my bathrobe, with the clean scent of soap clinging to my skin, I am well content to let time pass by and all the daily tasks of life as well. This is a time for self pampering, a time to relax, with no obligation to return to the everyday wear and tear of life events. A time where I ponder about daily events and indulge in body creams and moisturiser. A time which reminds me of the sleepovers I used to have with my best friends back home. A time where I sit and listen to music and let a feeling of deep peace just wash over me. Some people have late night coffees underneath the song of the stars. Some people prefer the silence of the morning before the world starts coming alive. I have that little slot of time after my shower. This is my me-time.

My exams are over. More or less. There's a sense of completion in the air. I almost don't know what to do with myself. All this time I have for me just seems overwhelming suddenly. So much time, and I don't know what to do with it. I know there's going to be lots of catching up on sleep.

Greg, Chris and I pulled an all-nighter two nights back for our final exam. Went fourty hours running on adrenaline, chocolate and Coke. Late nights do things to people. Greg and Chris seemed to have switched personalities that night. It was surreal. It was well worth it though, sitting for the exam the next day, the topics we covered the night before proved invaluable. I love it when I look over the questions and know exactly what I want to say. I didn't even feel the effects of staying up all night. I felt awake and energized all through the next day.

I'm looking forward to having ten hour sleep-time now. I'm also looking forward to doing some sketching and maybe learning how to paint. Take a couple of days to walk about the city again. I went out with Nik and Danusha just now. Had Nandos, got my chocolate fix at Max Brenner's, where we rain into a couple of Ormond people. Then we met Sam and Emily, and did a bit of shopping. Window shopped. Smelt the flowers. Just did things that I haven't done in ages.

Dinner was funny because Josh and Kirsty were trying to come on to each other. Nevermind the fact that they're best friends... and that Josh is gay. It was the funniest thing I've seen. They would sort of feel each other up and then get freaked out about it. Then they'd try again. Could not stop laughing.

Next plan of action, plan for my holiday! I've got my flight tickets booked and accommodation settled. Have extracted promises from friends to show me around and hook up. At least one part of my holiday is going to be one, long, non-stop party. Speaking of which, reminds me that Kirsty and I are supposed to meet the rest for Shaun's birthday.
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