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Boy, do the meds know how to party sometimes. It was probably a sure-fire recipe. One of the best and biggest clubs in Melbourne. Two happy hours. And lots of medical students buzzing from having finished the last exam of the semester. Complete with the cage suspended on the ceiling for those eager exhbitionists to show off their skills. Although at certain intervals I must admit to wondering if I had blundered into some strip club, considering how... inviting some of the dancers were.

I still wonder what in eternity posessed me to wear a skirt, considering the cold winds of winter. Shehara and I were pretty much in the same boat. Envied Chris and Jack in their warm jumpers. Greg just had his shirt, but then again, he didn't have to bear the cold winds flapping about his legs. The walk there sucked, the soles of my shoes were worn, so they were slightly slippery. Ended up tearing my hosiery. Tears in my stockings. Damnit. I looked as if I'd been up to some mischief... and the night hadn't even started yet.

It was nice to dress up and loosen up though. As usual, amusing for me to watch the drunken shennanigans of my fellow meds. Watch that straight-laced drunken Singaporean guy attempting to dirty dance with an equally straight-laced, drunken chick. Watching the blatant come-ons and the loss of co-ordination which came hand-in-hand with the impression that one was the greatest dancer on earth. Funny night. The club atmosphere was awesome - the lights were a nice touch. Towards the end I wanted to shoot the DJ though. Bad, bad music.

Some guy tried to hit on Chris, which was funny as hell. Spent a large part of the night feeling like a bit of a bitch as I discreetly tried to ward off this chick who seems to have a bit of a thing for Chris. Unrecipocrated, of course, in addition to Chris's general relationship status as attached and not looking. It's gotten to a bit of a habit, us two being dance partners for functions. Incredibly handy though. I enjoyed watching the meds dance. Greg has a unique dance style. Definitely not generic. Definitely pulls it off. Shehara comes up with some sexy dance moves. Jack does a bit of the casual head-nodding in time with the hands thing. The dance floor is full of surprises.

Crawling in bed at three in the morning seems to be getting into a bit of a habit. I'm forseeing a few more nights of this non-stop partying before everyone in college goes back home. College is starting to feel a bit empty as well. I get to catch up more with other people though, so that's great. It's nice being able to just go out with friends on the spur of the moment. Not that I don't do enough of that already. Watched Dirty, Pretty Things with Pei, Josh, Sarah, Sam, Lucy and Kirsty. Was such a wonderfully poignant movie. Maybe because the movie portrayed the harsh realities people do go through in life. Makes me think a lot harder.

On a lighter note, finally got to go shopping! Yay me! I love Savers - they've got the cheapest clothes ever. Convenient when you're looking for some clothes for theme parties especially. I couldn't find any flares for a 70s functions but I got some great JAG jeans and Liz sewed some extra material to turn them into bellbottoms (Liz, you genius!). It was one of those days where I looked in the mirror and just started telling myself I had huge hips. Ick. Which reminds me, I haven't been to the gym in a week. Heh.

Spent part of today looking for a good 18th birthday gift for Adrian with Sam. Hugh joined us after his exam. Settled on cufflinks (incredibly classy and just completes an outfit..) I still find it hard to get great gifts for guy friends. :P Sam's a good shopping buddy though. He's so easy-going and so much fun to be around. He's got me hooked on the Sandman and Lucifer comics now, which I suspect I will spend half the night reading.

Where in eternity is my lip balm?
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