Miss Aida
That's what Jeff told Onagh in response to her impeccable table manners. I went out for Thai yesterday, with Liz, Hugh, Tammy, Onagh, Jeff, Sally, Mary and some unknown chick who I had never laid eyes on in my life. It just serves to highlight how good good food can be (I think college food has almost desensitized my tastebuds). The restaurant was great - we sat on the floor on one of those roll-up things and it was really casual and laid-back, for such a fancy looking place. It was a pity I had to rush back for a tute I had, but then again, by the time I had to leave, the food was gone and the rest of them were finishing up the wine they brought.

In retrospect, I think I have the best of many worlds living in college. I hang out with different cliques. Yes, there are cliques in college, even within the fresher community. There are the jocks. The artistic people. The smart-asses. Then there are the internationals. I have the best of all worlds. :)

I'm a second year, so I'm relatively friendly with the second year meds. Chris, Jack, Greg and Shehara really make an effort, even though I wasn't part of Ormond last year. It's different because they're so close-knit.. but they make the effort to make me feel included. The first year meds ask me for advice. I love actually knowing what I'm talking about! I'm international. As long as you're from a different country, I can bond. Liz and Hugh are the artistic party animals that drag me into their crazy worlds.

So, so different.

My Malaysian friends, who are soft-spoken, sweet, extremely nice and fairly straightlaced. They're always up for some fun, but it's always good, clean fun.

The 2nd year meds, with their flippant humour, occasional gay jokes and are also extremely nice. They're decent people, despite how rowdy they can get at times.

The laidback people like Pei and her love for rock-climbing and Sam with the relaxed attitude. Always up for the spur-of-the-moment excursion.

The party animals who have a strange habit of mock-insulting the people they like. They're probably going to drink themselves to death one day, yet they can be the warmest people I know.

Eclectic? Very much so. Makes me wonder if I should pick a group and conform. Then again, I was never the type of person who could make her mind up easily. It's great being able to connect to different type of people on different levels. I know there's a balance: I don't really have a specific group I hang out with, as a result, I'm almost a loner in that sense. But by forfeiting conformity to certain people, I get to hang out with lots of different, fantastic personalities. Win some, lose some.

Liz was calling me a cunt yesterday at the tram stop(she's the type of person who uses the word 'cunt' or 'whore' almost endearingly. I smiled, pinched her cheeks and told her she was cute. I think that was the one time I saw her at a loss for words. Hugh couldn't stop laughing.

Lesson of the day : It's so much nicer to return love for hostility.
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