Miss Aida
Nat made me a doll! Whoo hoo! Doesn't actually look like me, but whoo hoo nonetheless!

My little sister is going off and saving the world somewhere. Makes me wish I could do something more hands on to help. I suppose in the long term, I will be saving lives and all that jazz, but for now, I feel almost ineffectual. I suppose everyone helps in their own way, depending on the cards dealt out by fate. I would like to do one of those building programs. You know? Going to a rural area and building houses for people and such. Get my hands dirty and doing some real work. Oops. Went off on a bit of a tangent there. Good luck to her team, in any case. :)

It's a good week - I've had the absoulute minimum in hours that a medical student can have. Yippee! Downside: I'll have double labs next week. Sigh. There's always a catch. It's the eternal rule of the universe. It's been fairly good though. I don't have anymore assessments until the end of the semester.

Went to the city with Pei and Ashiq yesterday cause Ashiq was looking for Tammy's present. It just made me realise how little guys sometimes know about shopping for presents. Zilch. Nada. Nein. Pretty much a stereotypical clueless male.

We went out for Indian for Tammy's birthday that night. I sometimes forget how amazed some people can be when I start eating with my hands. Tammy's Malaysian as well, so we were shovelling rice and curry down our throats using our hands, without even batting an eyelid. Some of the others really couldn't take the mild spiciness.. The look on Jeff's face was priceless.

"... You're eating with your hands."

No d-uh. How does everyone think people got about before utensils were invented? Plus, food tastes so much better eaten with your fingers. Must be something to do with the enzymes at your fingertips. The food reminded me of being back home at a mamak stall, made me miss Malaysian food quite a bit. It was good company though, Sachen was relating this interesting story about his encounter with some people and AK-47s back back at his home in Kenya. Apparently there were these people in a car down his street with the windows rolled down and AKs pointing out. His whole family just locked themselves in. I can see why.

My grandmother's been diagnosed with late stage cancer. She's not my biological grandmother, so it's not technically family history. Makes me think about life and death. Strangely enough, I'm not afraid of death. I should be. But I'm not. I wouldn't mind dying the next day, if that was God's will. I see it as a natural process. Somehow, the thought of dying the very next day even doesn't evoke any fear or anger. Only the mildest irritation that I won't be able to do the things I want to do in my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suicidal. I wouldn't go out of my way to invite death. However, if it was my time to die... there's nothing one can do about it, can they?

Only two things are certain : Death and taxes.
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