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Last night was one of the best nights in ages. Fabian, Pin Jun, Nik and I originally went over to College Square to surprise Ruth for her birthday. Oh the sacrifice. Walking in the rain, in the chilling weather, with sub-zero winds... Well.. The surprise was on us. Ruth was out. :P

We decided to recoup our losses and have dinner together. Yin joined us and we headed down to Ongs for some authentic Malaysian food. Ah.. I had dinner earlier, so I wasn't that hungry. Yin and I just had drinks... but as soon as Fabian's nasi lemak arrived... OMG, I just started salivating. And Pin Jun's tom yam! Ohhhhhhhh... I had to help myself to a bit of their food. Yin just kept telling me to stop (apparently if you eat a lot one tends to put on weight. Which, on another note, people... I am not skinny. I am just nice. I eat a fair amount. Plus, my diet's relatively excellent. So there.) I can't believe Fabian wanted another meal after his nasi lemak! That was a whole meal!

Yin had to meet some friends at Crowns so we parted ways. The four of us headed over to Nando's cause Nik wanted some chocolate mousse. Fabian ended up getting a meal. Pin Jun and I salivated over the smell of hot peri-peri chicken for awhile before caving in to temptation. Then naturally, I had to have some chocolate mousse. (So, so good... All those endorphins in chocolate keep Aida happy!)

It was one of the best nights I had in ages... Perhaps because we had been pretty good friends for awhile, since our KDU days, it was good just hanging out together, without other people being there. We stayed for ages at Nandos... The manager even came over and offered us chips! We originally declined, then he said it was free. And us being Malaysians did a total one-eighty and were all like, "Yeah, thanks!!" Nik later told us that she thought the manager was giving us a subtle hint: Buy something or go away. LOL.

The conversation flowed so easily. Fabian was teasing me about putting a picture of Chris and I on Friendster (in my defence, I always put up recent pictures. D-uh). Going on and on about being replaced and reaching his shelf-life. Heh. Fabian, you'll always be one of my favourite guys. :D We were talking about how brainwashed engineering gets you. Always thinking in sequential thoughts and stuff. You do run that risk, I suppose. I'm glad I'm not an engineer. We talked about politics and social events and being in Ormond. It's so good to have conversations with people who share history. You connect on an emotional and mental level.

We were discussing relationships. I guess we've come to an age where we talk about it quite a bit. I know Nik and I freak out, being medical students and all. Face it, it's a lot harder. Longer hours, less chances to meet guys, plus, I'm not the most social of creatures! Also, lots of guys wouldn't get together with someone who earns more than they do. That probably would take out half of the population. Sigh.

Should I be worried? Technically, the odds are against female medical students (ever wonder why doctors always end up with other people in the health profession?) Then again, I have faith in God. You can't mess with fate.


Today, I took Sam and Kirsty to this excellent chocolate cafe that Nik was telling me about.

Oh. My. God.

We stood there for 10 minutes just salivating at the menu. It was this little place slightly off Swanston, hidden from the bustle of the city. It was just this charming cafe tucked into the back of major construction, and there was chocolate everywhere. Huge pot of melting choclate beside the cashier (evil...! What a way to tempt us!). Little chocolate squares laid out artistically. Wafting smells of hot chocolate. Waffles with chocolate sauce. It's a chocolate cafe. What else do you expect? Sooo, soooo goooooood! I had the strawberries with the chocolate fondue. Mmmm... I keep recalling the taste the whole day. Warm chocolate saturating your taste buds. Mmm...

We had lunch on the lawn in front of the State Library. Bumped into Anthony, who was doing some studying (argh, I should be doing that. Study, I mean.) He's more mature than a lot of other first years I've met. He reminds me of some English dude that sits in the park with his lunch and throws off bits of his sandwich to pigeons. An interesting one, that.

While we were at Target, Sam bumped into the hair-dye section. Result: He now has excellent mahagony brown hair with reddish streaks. Courtesy of me. :) I picked a pretty good colour, even if I do say so myself. I think it was called Brazillian Brown. I want streaks now! :( I want red, red streaks. Hmm. Maybe I'll do it next week. Hmm.

I get excited over inane things. Like messages on my phone. :) Chris left a message saying good luck for the test. Which reminds me that Jack is running for athletics tomorrow: Will show up with support if I've finished studying (How one is connected to the other - we're both 2nd year Ormond med students). I digress. Ever noticed how hard it is to talk to an answering machine? Inane, I tell you. Maybe that's why it's so fun listening to other people's messages. No one ever ends well. There're all these "Umm's..." and "Ah's...". And the classic pause, "Well. Okay then. Bye." I know I ramble on a bit when leaving messages. I cringe having to listen to my own voice on the answering machine. Ack.

Ah... Nik surprised me with my belated, belated birthday celebration. It was so good seeing Lin and Shahid and Rina again - I haven't seen them for ages! Ahhhhh! I wish we had enough time to get together and do a really girly chat. Nik tried organizing birthday celebrations for me three times this year. Yeah. Three times.

NB: Birthday celebrations don't work when the birthday girl's always up to something or other.

I guess better late than never, hey? :) We had chocolate cake, which I hate, but it tasted good because it was meant to be for the celebration. Hugh and Tammy came over for a little while before they went off for sake bombing (mental note: Stay up. Hugh's going to come back roaring drunk quite late and I might wake up). I wish they had stayed longer. Then again, God has a plan for everything: I need to finish up cramming for my Monday test!
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