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I blame Bellsy's enthusiasm and the fact that she was my floor leader :D. When she called up for sign-ups for the rowing team, she was all "It'll be fun! You don't need to know how to row!" Considering that I've only ever vaguely heard of the sport, I merrily put my name down on the sign up sheet and went on my naive way. I've always been relatively fit, I figured this would be a fun new sport to try.

One week later, Bellsy introduced the ergo, the rowing machine in the gym. I went on for 30 seconds while Bellsy watched. We were supposed to do about 20 minute sessions on the ergo, twice a week. Being the lazy procrastinator I am, I didn't get around to doing it until 3 weeks later.

I realised I could barely last 5 minutes without stopping. My muscles were cursing at me! That deceptive looking machine was hellish! I'd rather face a 6 foot giant on the sparring field than do ergoes, frankly. Yet, I persevered because the rowing camp was in two weeks and, well, if the ergo was that bad, I can only imagine what the camp would be like.

In any case, the camp started last Friday. This was when I realised my folly. Fit, I say? Perhaps, but not when it comes to rowing. Apparently, rowing is one of the most exclusive, competitive sports in Australia; as evidenced by the reactions I got whenever I mentioned to an Australian friend that I was trying out for rowing. The reactions were identical.

Rowing? Have you ever rowed before?
No? (surprised reaction)
Do you know how competitive it is?
Well, I'm sure you can do it. (heartily encouraging smile)

Hmph. Of all the sports I decided to try, it had to be one that was exclusively dominated by these super-fit organisms who rowed 1.50 minutes or less for 500m. Ack. And barely breaking a sweat at that.

Rowing camp just proved that general fitness isn't everything. My muscles still ache. I discover new aches everytime I stretch. The back of my shoulders, my thighs, my hips, my waist, my arms... 22 girls tried out for a team of 16. 5 of us had never rowed before. You can guess who didn't make the team. :)

In retrospect, I don't regret trying out for rowing. It was definitely an experience. Rowing on the Yarra River itself on that one day was fun, and although the more experienced rowers made it look so incredibly easy, I now know better and have all the more respect for the people who do it. I enjoyed it, despite my screaming muscles.

I'm semi-thankful I didn't make the team. The next three weeks of training will be intense, I know. 5 o'clock mornings and the sort. And if I feel like this after one day, I doubt I would've survived the next three weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing how Ormond does on the rowing regatta! :D
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