Miss Aida
It was a full day yesterday. Hugh was going on about how he didn't want to depend on drinking to ahve fun... so we went for waffles! I love half-price Tuesdays. Apparently I'm not the only one who gets cravings in the evenings; from only Molly and Hugh coming along, Liz, Jeff, Mary, JD and Onagh decided to come along as well. Mm. Waffles. Anyway, on our way out, I bumped into the med guys. Who were apparently on their way to visit me. Strange. They never do. Chris might, once in awhile, but not all three. They must've been bored. :D

The waffles are mouthwatering. We did get a little sidetracked by the chocolate shop (Jeff nearly had a coronary - it had all these imported US chocs that he was getting homesick about). Hugh walked halfway down to get cigarettes, but decided not to. I'm touched. I think my constant nagging about emphysema and heart disease is actually getting through.

Chris, Greg and Shehara did drop by after our tute, to check out the sketch I did of Chris while we were on the train to Geelong. It's not bad, even if I do say so myself. It has a slight resemblance (I'm not fooling myself, I suck at portraits). Chris and Greg ended up staying ages, just hanging out. Molly came over as well, and we had this convo about her new guy.

Side note: Molly's gorgeous. She's one of the nicest people I know. And I swear I've gotten to know her so well recently. We have great chats about guys! :D And bless her, she can still look at me and wonder why I'm not with anyone.
I have a hard time keeping track of which new guy is trying to pick her up most times. There have been more than a couple, that's for sure. It must be hard having so many guys after you, I reckon. Anyway, Chris and Greg were there, and Molly was swapping SMSed, so Greg gave us his perspective on what to say/not to say to a guy in an SMS.

Hmm. In retrospect, our conversation topics : Sex, gay men, romance novels (the guys wonder how I can actually devour them; my theory is the predictable storyline and happy endings. Who wants to read anything heavy after having to read medical stuff??), random medical stuff, our different tastes in music interspersed with the random SMS and Greg exclaiming, "Read it out!" And the lewd jokes. God, what the night air and chocolate does to us. And I mentioned I was planning to head to Gold Coast. Greg's going to play tour guide. :D

Greg's gone off with my jacket now. Hmm. Must remember that he has it and not freak out.

It's nice having people over my room. My room's just nice for having a couple of people over. I might invite them over again, more often. I love my friends. I love it here. I love being in Ormond. It's shaping up to be a fantastic year.

Raiyan and Nik haven't come back either from their trip down for waffles. NB Check the room in the morning, just to make sure they're alright. They might've gone off somewhere. Do not know.
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