Miss Aida
Ah... the beauty of a spare 5 minutes on the Internet. Boredom prompted me to type my name out on Googlisms, and this is what the World Wide Web has spawned out.

aida is the exciting and passionate tale of a nubian princess
aida is a disaster
aida is driven by 2 gear sets
aida is recast
aida is expected to bring in le 20 million
aida is back to egypt
aida is not addressing the problem
aida is a diabetes software simulator program which allows interested patients with diabetes and their relatives
aida is expected to bring in le 20 million egypt
aida is the exciting and passionate tale of a captured nubian princess who falls in love with her conqueror
aida is 100% cotton
aida is a tripartite alliance of governments
aida is sad since the victory of radam├Ęs
aida is still revered as a master
aida is not deterred
aida is the only manufacturer to use a hardened and ground pinion and ground drive gear – a benefit that gives customers reduced backlash
aida is the only manufacturer in the industry to offer the control as a standard piece of equipment for its gap press line
aida is not about cheerleading for the present system
aida is walt disney theatrical productions' first original musical
aida is back to egypt next october in an exquisite setting at the temple of queen hatshepsut in luxor
aida is a two
aida is only intended to be used for educational / teaching / demonstration purposes
aida is an interactive pc
aida is so deliriously ghastly it is great fun to watch
aida is about forbidden love
aida is a classic story of lovers caught in the turbulence of war
aida is then given as a gift by radames to his fiancee
aida is an activity of the development gateway foundation
aida is posted in the aida participant site
aida is a tool which supports the designer in the first phase of the aircraft design process
aida is one of approach
aida is loth x's offering to audiophiles who will accept nothing less than the best
aida is a program that can act as performance support
aida is a princess as well
aida is a musical love story bursting with contemporary energy that tells the story of two star
aida is disney's newest blockbuster musical with a tony and grammy award winning score by elton john and tim rice
aida is astonished
aida is jeremy kushnier
aida is the most popular of the "grand operas" and its grandiose spectacle and stirring music have made it a favorite at outdoor arenas
aida is a villain
aida is more subtle and understated than that
aida is the standardized communications and operational infrastructure for integrated claims management
aida is a must see for all
aida is the epitome of the dahman strain
aida is great
aida is stunned to hear herself repeat these words
aida is one of those timeless tragic romances
aida is the place to go
aida is "weakly preferred"
aida is a very strong muslim who prays five times a day and fasts every monday and thursday
aida is a standard set of interfaces for creating and manipulating histograms
aida is a powerful software solution that helps to make the administration of the company much more efficient and profitable
aida is big on friends and family
aida is a 5v pci mezzanine card
aida is spot on
aida is 13 and 1/4" x 6 and 1/4"
aida is one of the most lavish operas ever written
aida is popular because it helps marketers appeal to consumers' emotional and social needs
aida is named aida on the internet and some guy sent me volumes and volumes of attachments on history of the opera "aida"
aida is the daughter of amonasro
aida is based on the performance at new york city's palace theatre at 8
aida is the most common fabric for cross stitch
aida is performed in the opera
aida is indeed the princess of nubia
aida is a classic tale of personal love versus duty and love of country
aida is captured by radames
aida is an advisor to philanthropic initiatives in the us and in latin america
aida is surprisingly affecting
aida is a tale of love with a greek

Random, I know. :) Some are cool though; those are the ones I've highlighted. Not necessary true, but cool nonetheless.

* * * * * * *
Just got back from Caitlin and Will's housewarming, brought Sam with us. Good move, Sam's always chatty and since he's from Canberra, he and Caitlin and all her friends from Canberra can talk about their lives back home. Or not. :D Sam's cool though. One of the most easygoing guys a girl can meet; always there when you need him and always, always, always good company. It's hilarious when he and Nik start on each other.

Mental note: A large majority of med students are lazy. The myth that med students are hardworking is not always true. It is only the fact that a large majority of us work well under deadlines and enormous amounts of pressure to churn out decent assignments that differentiate us from most people.

Everyone's come back to college now! Whoo hoo! I was so excited when Hugh came over and knocked on my door. It seems like he was never away to begin with, with him coming over all the time and vice versa. We have a new neighbour as well. A chick named Steph moved in between us, replacing our old, almost non-existent neighbour. (Seriously, we never saw her. Her curtains were closed all the time. Didn't seem to go down during mealtimes or anything of the sort. Plus, she rebuffed all our attempts at friendship.) Steph seems nice. I hope she turns out as nice as I think she is.

Also bumped into Chris and ended up hanging out in his room after coming back from Caitlin and Will's housewarming. It was good catching up with him, we ended up talking about Average Joe (this TV series that we're both kind of addicted to: this supermodel type chick has to choose from about 20 guys to go on a dream vacation with. Catch: 10 of them are really stereotypically average guys - think the geek, the truckie, the brooding artist - and the other 10 are these really hunky, bulked up guys. I must say I wasn't too keen on her final choice.)

Somehow we ended up talking about Fabio, and I was sort of like, "Who the hell is that?" Result: Very funny half hour of trawling the Net for Fabio pictures (that's the Most Beautiful Man in the World???). If I didn't know better, I would've said he looked like one of the heroes from those romance novels. Oh wait. He is.. Heh. Apparently he's posed as romantic heroes on about 100 romance novels (I thought he looked familiar, I've actually read one of them!) There were some v. funny sites dedicated to him. :) How does anyone take him seriously?

Ah... Class starts again tomorrow. Can I say how much I'm looking forward to that? Yeah right. I'm still stressing about this assignment. How well I procrastinate.

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