Aida Zabidi
Traveling to Morocco was like being transported to an era many years ago.

We had dropped into the city of Fez, and the very first day we dove straight into the myriad tunnels of the Medina, moving along with the evening crowd into tunnels that seemed to get smaller and smaller as we went, with many different entry points and exits, and we walked until we were no longer certain where we were, surrounded by the bustle of people, donkeys and the scent of spices - and perhaps that was the charm of the Morocco.

It definitely wasn't for the claustrophic.

That said, there was a certain charm about it. 

Call it the books of adventure I used to read as a child, about exotic lands far away, but I loved hearing the mixture of French and Arabic being thrown about, loved the energy of the people and the place. 

There was so much colour, and so much personality.

Definitely a must visit, and a photographer's heaven. For photos, check out the hashtag #MarocRendezvouz on Instagram!

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