Aida Zabidi
It's been almost a year since we travelled to Turkey, and I've been asking Syaril to finish the video we took of our trip - only because he was forever filming while we were there, and I've been dying to see the finished product. 

I think he's also been putting it off because there was so much footage, because he ended up just filming random things as he had an idea in his head of how he wanted things to turn out, and as most holidays go, you just have to have an element of flexibility to give you room to move ahead.

Turkey was amazing, and I can't believe how much we did in two weeks; watching the video definitely makes me want to travel all over again with this man. 

In fact, I'm so inspired I'm actually going to find the energy to do a couple of write ups about the trip. I did manage to write a little bit about going on the hot air balloon here but I feel that this place just deserves a lot more mentions now! 

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Türkiye '16 from Syaril Ezzuddeen on Vimeo.
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