Aida Zabidi
"He'll be different after marriage, trust me. Marriage changes a man." 

Everyone says people change after marriage. 

I find this a strange contradiction. Why would you marry someone just to expect them to change? Or rather, why would you enter something as binding as marriage on a gamble that a person's

There are so many instances where people have said, even jokingly, how individuals will change once they are married. So many stories where partners marry each other in attempts to salvage a relationship, or in the belief that marriage will change a person. 

I don’t think that people change their characteristics. They might become better at working on their strengths and weaknesses, but they rarely essentially change who they are inside. There will always be certain things that you will love or hate about your partner, but how important are those characteristics, and which ones are the things that you absolutely cannot live with? 

You should enter a relationship with clear expectations of your partner. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does it happen when there is no communication. The most important thing is to understand that both are different individuals, and neither are mind readers.

As it is, I fully expect my partner to remain the messy fellow that he is. It isn’t a dealbreaker – and in the meantime I’ll have to talk to him into realizing that the floor generally shouldn’t be covered with stuff.
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  1. ardy Says:

    How true! Wanting to change your partner can lead to a very messy marriage (or relationship).

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