Aida Zabidi
Write down your resolutions, for written down, you cannot lie to yourself anymore about those you wish to achieve. 

While I did not make any specific resolutions in 2013 because there was a lot of uncertainty, but I’m thankful that I was able to make certain improvements in my life, which included an increased effort in my health and certain opportunities which I was able to make the most of. 

A new year is a like a rebirth, despite being nothing more than a man-made construct of an ideal, that we are moving towards something new. It is nothing more than the tick of the clock that signifies the herald of the new year. 

It is a construct. 

But isn’t that what makes us sometimes? Ideas? Possibilities? The thought that there is hope, and the possibility of change. 

That’s the real magic of New Year. 

So write down those resolutions and chase those dreams you didn’t have the chance to fulfil the last year. Aim for betterness and for the journey of a lifetime. 

Hang on and hang tight!
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