Aida Zabidi
A time for love, a time for forgiveness and a time for betterment. 

Every year I welcome Ramadhan with open arms – it is a reminder to myself of my frailty and my commitment to God, something that regretfully is sometimes so easily forgotten in my daily life. Ramadhan is that time of year which helps me channel my thoughts and spirituality into habits that are hopefully lasting throughout the year. 

This will be the second year experiencing fasting at work, which will be especially interesting during night shifts. I've always lived by the principle that God does not give you challenges that you are not capable of meeting, and I look forward to my working hours during the fasting month.

A blessed Ramadhan to those who are celebrating, and may we all achieve the best we can in this holy month. Be sincere in your intentions, and God willing, our deeds will be recognized in the Hereafter.
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