Aida Zabidi
Change is unevitable.

The events in the past week have changed me so much that it almost feels like I am charting unfamiliar territory.

Part of me has changed, and can never be unchanged.

I thought it would feel different, but there is only that strange familiarity dancing around my headspace. I thought I would look at you with different eyes, but it is all too easy to get caught up in our pasts and forget those defining moments, those turning points of our relationship.

There can be no recriminations, just the realisation that borders were crossed, and relationships were forever changed. To what extent, I do not know.

I fear that I will forget.

Forget that feeling.

Forget how it felt.

There have been too many apologies this past week, too many regrets for things that cannot be altered. There is perhaps no point in all that questioning when the best thing to do is to move forward with the times.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    My mom always reminds me that it takes a lifetime to know someone you love. Sometime we do change for someone we love most aida ...

    Growing old together means ....

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